HOMICIDAL EPILOGUE Just Released Single ”Repulsive Arousal”!

Homicidal Epilogue is a two piece brutal deathgrind act from Melbourne, Australia that just dropped their first single ”Repulsive Arousal” after the release of their demo in April and it is gore at its finest! The demo alone would already blow up your stereo and make your whole neighbourhood question what on Earth you are listening to but after they have heard the song you are about to witness they are for sure moving out. Check it out below!

SLAM WORLDWIDE is mostly known for releasing the genre ”Slamming Brutal Death Metal” but once in a while they put out something completely different and yesterday was one of those days. Homicidal Epilogue is one of the greatest up and coming brutal deathgrind bands from this year and I am excited for the next release but for now, turn on your speakers as loud as you can and blast the song  ”Repulsive Arousal”!

Homicidal Epilogue line-up:

Ben – Guitar, bass, drum programming, vocals (additional)
Harry – Vocals (lead)

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