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Flaw is one of the legends as far as Kentucky metal bands go. They put the Bluegrass State on the map for something other than country when they hit the airwaves in the late 90’s thru early 2000’s. Their last major release was 2004’s ‘Endangered Species’. The band has been back together and playing some live shows over the past couple years and we even got a taste of the new album pretty early with “Bleed Red”. At the Louder Than Life festival in 2015 we had a chance to speak with the band about the upcoming album and music in the current era. Singer Chris Volz and guitarist Jay Daunt both stated that rock and metal was on a 10 year cycle and that it was time for popularity to sway back towards rock rather than pop. After hearing the latest record by the band ‘Divided We Fall’ not only do I agree that rock is making its way back but I believe Flaw is leading the way. The new album will be released via Pavement Music. The album was recorded with Rick Lander (Dead Horse Trauma, Under Pike Skies) at Crisis Lab Studios. The album is the monumental comeback record we have all hoped for. It was always FLAW fans’ connection to their songs that carried the band on.  “We would not be where we are today without our hardcore fans,” says Volz. The Flaw Family is the motor that drives the band and this album will just double the size of that family once it’s released. ‘Divided We Fall’ is scheduled to hot stores August 19th. Make sure to pick the album up directly from the band on their upcoming tour with Dope and Motograter, or pre-order here.  


Flaw has always been a band that shows their appreciation for the military and its servicemen and women. The band has toured in support the troops and the album also begins with a statement that is bound to touch each individual who hears it. “Fed Up” begins with a statement from Volz “Everyday in America an average of 22 combat veterans commit suicide. This song is intended to bring light to this tragedy.” The track then begins with what I will call Chris’s “war cry” and the song dives right into it with some grit your teeth heavy aggression. Corey Sturgill’s drums have an almost tribal type sound on the track that really gives the song a unique sound. “Fed Up” runs at a break your neck speed and is the perfect track to welcome both new fans and old. The very next song may slow down the pace a bit but the lyrics are heavy. One of the most iconic things about the Flaw sound has been the emotionally driven lyrics that fans connect with. This album is full of those lyrics that can reach out and grab your soul. The chorus to “Do You Remember” makes it one of those songs you will repeat over and over several times. The song gives the ultimate advice for any listener “Don’t stop dreaming”. The album has a fresh, heavy feel with some very welcomed melodic moments. The track “When You Grieve” is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in sometime, and will likely become a instant fan favorite. The bass lines in the song by Ryan Jurhs are prominent here and create a whole different vibe for the song. Throughout the entire album you can hear the monumental guitar playing by Jay Daunt who has been one of the key factors in the bands overall sound since the beginning.  ‘Divided We Fall’ is the perfect ratio of heavy and melodic. The albums songs contrast well with each other and make the whole record epic from front to back. It has a tremendous amount of re-listen value and once it makes it into your cd player, iPod or playlist it will stay there for a long time. ‘Divided We Fall’ will become your new addiction.

Flaw is about to embark on an amazing tour with Dope and Motograter. The tour will kick off in San Francisco on September 13th and run to the East coast and back to the West coast ending in Hollywood on October 30th. This is a show you will not want to miss.

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