Fifth Freedom “Heartbreak & Hellfire” Review!

Photo Credit: Sugar Skull Photography

Photo Credit: Sugar Skull Photography

A few months ago I let you know about a band that is bringing good old fashioned rock n roll back to its rightful place at the top. Fifth Freedom call Portland, Maine home, but their roots are most certainly in the South. The band has the type of guitar work that will bring you to your knees. The term “Fifth Freedom” is a permit to disregard to any law to accomplish the mission, and that’s exactly what the band does. Regardless what is popular the band has set its sights on their sound, put their hearts into it and journeyed forward. As a listener and fan I’m already thankful for what they have done for music. They are already reaping the rewards as they have an incredible fan base both in their home state and across the country. The band recently released their sophomore record “Heartbreak & Hellfire”, a follow up to their self-titled debut from 2014. The album was recorded with Jon Wyman at The Halo Studios and mastered by Grammy Award winning mastering engineer, Adam Ayan and the renowned Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine. The songs on the album are a window into frontman Alan Jones’s soul. The heart wrenching and powerful lyrics play right along with the bluesy American rock n roll sound they have so gracefully created.

Fifth Freedom - Heartbreak and Hellfire Album Cover

If you are a fan of classic rock or southern rock you will instantly become a fan of Fifth Freedom within the first minute or two of the opening track. Straight out of the gate you are welcomed with some killer riffs. Drummer Gary Marston really takes control and showcases his skills behind the kit. While the drums and guitars stand out this track really showcases every instrument. You even get a little groove in there by bassist Seth McClellan. As always with any Fifth Freedom song you get fantastic heartwarming lyrics. The chorus just reaches out and grabs you and will likely be stuck in your head (which is a good thing) for weeks. “Will I go down in flames or will I stand tall” is belted out by Alan Jones, and before long you will be singing along too. They slow things down for a moment with the ballad on the album “Midnight Rain”. The song has that instant classic feel. Ian Dyer and Alan Jones are both tremendously talented guitar players. The guitar parts are always perfectly composed, not too much and not too little. You get a sampling of some solos throughout the songs and they always compliment. Sometimes in music you can tell when guitar riffs or solos are forced and that’s not the case here, everything always has that perfect fit. The music has a comforting feeling you don’t get from many bands in modern music. The track “Wise Man” has this overwhelming gritty blues feel. The song sinks it’s teeth into you and won’t let you go. From the first note to the last the album is too good for words. Colossal riffs and towering vocals that you won’t soon forget. This is a major league album that should launch Fifth Freedom to stardom where they belong.

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