Exclusive Premiere: BLACK THORN HALO Release “Cenote Sacred” Lyric Video!


Black Thorn Halo is a heavy metal/thrash metal band from Austin, Texas that was conceived in 2010 by vocalist Ralph Lopez and bassist Jack Krupski. Needing a line-up change to take the music to a new level, Lopez and Krupski brought in Whore of Babylon guitarist Craig Leach and drummer Eric Mulero. Clawing their way through the metal scene in Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas, Black Thorn Halo is becoming a force to be reckoned with by having a brutal, tight, and energetic live show. These Texans are about to show you what metal is like in the Lone Star State.

Black Thorn Halo have now released the lyric video for the track “Cenote Sacred” from the upcoming album ‘The Horde.’ The song of course kicks things off with their signature gritty guitar riffs that morph into those high pitch shrieks we love. Vocalist Ralph Lopez then brings his masculine vocal tone into the song and its off to the races. Drummer Eric Mulero slaughters his drum kit keeping up a break neck pace throughout the song. It’s the mixture of everything combined that make this song special, front to back it has everything you could want; think of it as a heavy metal Christmas and the gifts begin with the riffs.



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