Exclusive Premier: DOWNTREND – “Back For More” [Lyric Video]


Downtrend formed in 2004 and has went through a few lineup changes since then. The band retains founding members Josh Crum and Jeremy Chaney. Long time member drummer J.D. Hall takes his seat behind the drum kit adding his style and showmanship to the band. Hall and Chaney were also formerly bandmates in the crushingly heavy group Voices Of Aggression. The chemistry among these three gents is amazing, which can be heard in their music and seen live when they take the stage. Mike Jackson has been the longtime voice of the band, after a brief departure from the band he has returned to his home behind the microphone. In the bands 10+ years their sound has changed and progressed but the biggest thing about the band is the heart and passion they have for music. The bands most recent release is ‘Southern Fried Hell Ride: Live’ was recorded in West Virginia and truly captures the bands ability to perform live. Downtrend with over a decade of live performance experience the band has been the opening act for various legends in rock and metal. Some include Adema, Nonpoint, Sevendust, 10 Years, Otherwise, Lynch Mob, Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel, and various others. In addition to these past shows the band also has upcoming shows schedule with Devildriver and Jinjer in Lexington, Kentucky at Manchester Music Hall on October 30th, and with Doyle on November 15th in Huntington, West Virginia at The V Club. You can message the band directly for ticket info. 

Downtrend has released a brand new track which is the first release with Mike Jackson back in the band after his departure for a year. Downtrend previously released a video and song featuring former vocalist Shawn Williams titled “Nobody Gets Out Alive”. For this new track the band has kept the same instrumentals from that track, but Mike has written and recorded his own lyrics for the track which is now titled “Back For More”. We recently touched base with guitarist Josh Crum about the song being reconfigured. ” We had played the song live before Mike had to leave the band. But it was never recorded. So when Shawn Williams came along and started singing for us we decided to use that song during the audition process. So it ended up being the first Downtrend Song Shawn wrote vocals and lyrics to. We went into the studio and cut the track. So Mike rejoined Downtrend, he didn’t realize we had rewritten that song with Shawn. So when he came in he just picked it back up right where he left it. So we just rolled with him on it back in the studio. Rerecorded the vocals and let Mike put his own vocals and melodies on it.” 

The track has an entirely new feel as Mike adds his own style and also plays some harmonica on the track as well. It retains the same great riffage from Crum and the thundering duo of Chaney on bass and Hall on drums sets the perfect backdrop for Mike’s vocal approach. The harmonica although not traditionally found metal is a welcomed addition that gives the band their own unique style and helps their southern heritage shine. You can check out Downtrend’s song and lyric video for “Back For More”below.


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