ENTRAILS Undergo Line-Up Change As Tommy & Martin Announce Departure

From the crypts of cold, dark and grim forests of Sweden ENTRAILS have been belting forth some of the most evil and harsh death metal, to be precise, that trademark Swedish death metal. Yeah the one with the buzzsaw sound! Formed in 1990/91, but breaking down soon after, only to be spawned back in 2008 the Swedes have come a long way, and that includes maneuvering tough obstacles and hardships. Line-up changes are no exclusion to that, and just like any other band, ENTRAILS have yet again undergone the procedure of ‘change of guards’. This time singer/bassist Tommy and drummer Martin has decided to quit the band, in order to have more time for their jobs and other bands. This inevitable change comes just three years after Tommy and Martin joined the band.

Going through a couple of line-up changes already, the Swedish death metal quartet has just one remaining original member, and that being, band founder Jimmy Lundqvist(guitars). Having recruited new members every time a line up change fell upon him, Jimmy’s decisions never disappoint. So this time around, remaining members, Jimmy and Penki, didn’t waste any time and have recruited new members to make sure not to miss any shows and keep the ENTRAILS train rolling! Filling in for Tommy and Martin are Freddy Ortscheid(Still I Wither, Magic Kingdom & Omnicide) on drums and Marcus Brorsson(Soma & Omnicide) on guitars and backing vocals. The new recruits are also band mates at Omnicide.

Here’s what Freddy and Marcus have to say on their new found destination,

Comments Freddy, “I can proudly announce that I’m now the new official drummer for Entrails. I am both honoured and excited for this – let the mayhem begin!”

Marcus adds, “I’m really psyched about joining Entrails and getting a chance to spread some old school Swedish death metal to the world. All for the sake of keeping it brutal.”

This change in personnel also beckons Penki Samuelson to switch from guitars to main vocals and bass. This will bring back the sound to a more old school feeling. Certainly something old school death metal lovers will rejoice to!

Commander in chief Jimmy Lundqvist comments about the change, “I know it’s not optimal to change members, but when people leave new guys had to be found to keep the band alive. With these new and damn good musicians on board we shall continue to spread the same old school feeling Entrails stands for!”

Penki Samuelson also doesn’t shy away from adding his thoughts on the new line-up additions, he states, “Markus and Freddy truly bring a new dimension to the band. Everything fell in place at first rehearsal and it sounds great and feels amazing!”

Tommy and Martin just spent three short lived years in the ENTRAILS camp and had the opportunity to offer their face melting vocals, riffing and drumming on the all new album, ‘World Inferno‘, which was released via Metal Blade Records last summer. The new line up certainly brings in a new twist and flavour which is yet to be explored by the fans both on and off studio, but I am sure ENTRAILS will hardly disappoint us as they are a force that can withstand the mightiest of the winds of change. Only a matter of time to see how the fans react to this change.

ENTRAILS have a couple of European shows already lined up their sleeve and those would be the first series of gigs where new recruits Markus and Freddy get to showcase their sadistic and brutal chops. Mark the following dates if you’re an ENTRAILS fan or just have an intimate affinity for that buzzsaw riff, just like me!

May 12 – Wien, Austria -Vienna Metal Meeting
June 9 – Muhlteich Hauptmannsgrun, Germany – Chronical Moshers Open Air
July 6 – Kolin, Czech Republic – Symbolic Open Air
July 7 – Reviste, Slovakia – Gothoom Open Air
Aug. 31 – Deinze, Belgium – Elpee
Sept. 1 – Schoonebeek, Netherlands – Deathfest

While you’re at it, don’t forget to purchase their latest studio offering, World Inferno HERE!

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