DEALER Is The Hottest Upcoming Band And Their First EP ‘Soul Burn’ Is Here To Prove It!

Fuck, just after listening to the latest Knocked Loose track I thought nothing could even come close to their heaviness but what are these guys close to it. But what else do you expect since Dealer holds ex members of Alpha Wolf, Codeine King and even Crown The Empire!?

Dealer has recently been signed by Stay Sick Records and in no time proven themselves to be worthy. After releasing singles ”Grotesque” & ”Crooked” I was (as I imagine most people) instantly hooked by their unique and hard hitting sound. And after realising the band has just put out their first EP called ‘Soul Burn’ and especially after hearing their track ”Pretty Stupid” I knew that Dealer has got to be one of the best upcoming bands. I am so hyped about them and I can’t wait to witness their crushing force live!

If you like what you hear please get their entire EP ‘Soul Burn’ here!

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