DANZIG’s NEW “Black Laden Crown” releases May 2017!


2017 is going to be one hell of a year for punk and metal icon Glenn Danzig.  Last year saw something happen that caught longtime fans of the legendary Misfits by surprise when Danzig re-united with Jerry Only and Doyle on stage for the first time since 1983.  Just on the heels of the tour announcements for the ‘Blackest of the Black’ festival for which the band that carries his namesake will headline with support from over 20 other artists for two days in May (26th and 27th), DANZIG is announcing the planned release for their latest full length about the middle of the same month. 


Black Laden Crown“, as the new album is called, is the first Danzig album featuring all new music since the release of 2010’s “Deth Red Sabaoth“. That album was met with praise from fans and critics alike, and became the seminal group’s highest charting effort since the 1994.  Also notable for this year is the 25th anniversary of a mainstay in the Danzig catalog, “How the Gods Kill“, what is debated amongst people who debate such things as the definitive album of the band.  Featuring “Dirty Black Summer” and “Sistinias“, no doubt those songs as well as others from that monumental offering will be popping up during the ‘Blackest of the Black’ as well as Danzig’s independent summer tourHaving been involved in both horror punk and metal since the ’70’s, Glenn has shown no signs of throwing in the towel anytime soon.  His unmistakable baritone, coupled with the musical talents of Tommy Victor, Joey Castillo, and Steve Zing, will no doubt be spotlighted once more on “Black Laden Crown“.  While having occasionally taken breaks in recording and touring over the years, and now preferring to play smaller shows, Danzig have remained a staple in the metal scene and they’ve anxiously got us awaiting a fresh sample of what the Jersey crew have been up to.  With the album, the festival, and their own tour, 2017 is showing signs of being a great year for one of the most well known and vital components of modern metal.  “Black Laden Crown“, as of this time, is set for a mid May release (with no specific date as of yet) on Glen Danzig’s own Evillive and Nuclear Blast Entertainment. 


The album cover for the May release of “Black Laden Crown”.

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