Chelsea Grin, Slaughter To Prevail, Enterprise Earth & More In Lexington [Review & Photo Gallery]

Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin brought a truck load of like-minded bands with them on the Eternal Nightmare tour and they were about to destroy Manchester Music Hall with pure unadulterated sonic brutality. Those that were about to receive said brutality were amped up for the metal offerings these five bands were about to bestow upon them!



Bodysnatcher was the first of the five to make an offer to the metal gods and the black clad congregation in front of them. They presented tracks from their 2018 album ‘Death Of Me, Deluxe’. Which is a re-master of 2017’s album of the same name but with five new tracks added, a few of those new tracks were offered up tonight “Ego Killer”, ”Show Stopper” and “Exterminate”. The gathered metal heads were appreciative of what Bodysnatcher gave them but they wanted more!


Traitors were about to do their best to appease the crowing crowd in Lexington! They – Traitors, did a great job keeping the crowd moving and moving was something this crowd did a lot of, crowd surfing, heading banging even a circle pit or two. Traitors has been making solid heavy music since 2013 and they presented some of that heaviness to this worshipful crowd, with tracks like “RIP”, “Left To Rot” and “Ruthless Hate”.

Enterprise Earth

Bodysnatcher and Traitors had set the bar pretty high for Enterprise Earth but EE wasn’t about to let the throng of metal fans gathered here in Lexington down! They offered the crowd some brutally heavy songs from their 2019 release ‘Luciferous’ like “Sleep Is For The Dead”, “He Exists” and “The Failsafe Fallacy” (a review of which can be found here ). The only song not from ‘Luciferous’ was from 2015’s ‘Patient 0’ “Shallow Breath”. Enterprise Earth brought the intensity level in Manchester Music Hall up a couple notches, which after the first two bands I didn’t think was possible. The next two bands were about to teach me a thing or two about intensity!

Slaughter To Prevail

Slaughter To Prevail was about to show me and anyone else that didn’t know what Russian brutal intensity looked and sounded like! That intensity was dripping from masks, guitars, drumsticks and microphone as they launched into “Chronic Slaughter” and “Russian Hate” both from 2017’s ‘Misery Sermon’ (review here ) those two were followed by “Death” from 2016’s EP ‘Chapters of Misery’. If you are a fan of deathcore and do not know Slaughter To Prevail that needs to be fixed in a hurry!

Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin touring in support of their 2018 release ‘Eternal Nightmare’ ( Metal nexus review ) (the first release with new singer Tom Barber) have put together a tour of the same name with a group of catastrophically heavy bands spreading the deathcore gospel to those willing to listen. Judging from the size of the crowd in Lexington there are a many that want to listen! Chelsea Grin are the senior members on this bill, formed in 2007 and started releasing music to the world in 2008. With 2 EP’s and 5 full length albums they had plenty of choices for what they wanted to kick this crowd in the throat with. Leading off with “Dead Rose”, “The Wolf” and “Across The Earth” all three from ‘Eternal Nightmare’ next was “Playing With Fire” from 2014’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’ and so the night went on one savagely brutal song after another. The Manchester Music Hall crowd took each and every throat kick and begged for more! It was remarkable to watch! Finally closing out the night with two more from the album the tour is named after, 2018’s ‘Eternal Nightmare’ “Eternal Nightmare” and “Hostage”.

Chelsea Grin

With that came the end of my first complete Deathcore event, I’ve shot the genre before but never all the bands on the same bill. It was intense to say the least and a lot of fun. I was the only photographer in the pit other than photographers with the bands; it was interesting having the photo pit all to myself. As always the Manchester Music Hall staff is second to none.

Get out and support live music, support the local venues, the local bands. Every band on this bill tonight started somewhere and they had local support! Not only the local events but these national tours need our support.

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