BREWtally Speaking Podcast: Matt Fazzi (RARE FUTURES/EX TAKING BACK SUNDAY)

Matt Fazzi, vocalist/guitairst/keyboardist of Rare Futures is the guest on this episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast!!

Matt joins us to talk about Rare Futures‘ live album of their “This Is Your Brain On Love” album, and why the band choose to release a live version of the album a few years later. Matt discusses the plans for Rare Futures and how all aspects of the band is done for a reason, from the bands logo, to the visuals the band uses on their website and more.

We also get into how Matt came to join Taking Back Sunday, the process of writing New Again, and the expectations that were placed upon him joining the band and those he had for himself. We talk about how he was given credit for how the album came out, only to be the scapegoat for the perceived failures of the album, and how that affected him. We also break down Ep’s VS Full lengths and which is the better way to release music in this current climate.

Listen to the full interview below:

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Two dudes, Dan and Jon, who are passionate about all kinds of music, although we mainly cover metal/metalcore bands on the show. We both LOVE vinyl, and podcasts in general.

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