BREWtally Speaking: Alfonso Civile (HEARTSICK)

Alfonso Civile, vocalist for Heartsick, is the guest on this episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast.

Podcast hosts Dan and Jon chat with Alfonso about the news making lineup change with ILL Nino, a band that Alfonso had actually been tapped to replace the bands original lead singer.

The guys discuss how Alfonso came onto Dave Chavarri’s, drummer for ILL Nino, radar. How Dave had asked Alfonso to be the frontman for his side project, Terror Universal. Why Alfonso turned down that offer, and how he got thrown into the mix to be the new singer for a childhood inspiration in ILL Nino.

We get into a bit of ILL Nino’s legal issues with now past and current members, how Alfonso found himself in the middle of all this band drama, and his take on the news of the new ILL Nino lineup.

Alfonso also recounts how he was in line to not only fill in for Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves fame during a Westfield Massacre tour, but how that encounter almost saw Alfonso become Tommy’s replacement when he excited Westfield Massacre and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

Intro Music:

Westfield Massacre Demo w/ Alfonso’s vocals

Outro Music:
“Methelyne Blue” by Heartsick



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