Barney Greenway (Napalm Death) Says Trump “Is A Terrible Human Being” [Video]

Napalm Death


Napalm Death have been creating thought provoking grind core classics since the mid 1980’s. In most everyone’s eyes they are the kings of grindcore and are responsible for inspiring bands all over the world. Their lyrical content usually written by vocalist Barney Greenway is often complex and gives listeners ideals to chew on and come to their own conclusion. Napalm Death is currently supporting Slayer on their final world tour. We was able to catch up with vocalist Barney Greenway after their performance in Nashville at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium on August 12th. I must add that speaking with Barney was a pleasure, one of the most easy going and pleasant people I’ve ever interviewed. We are grateful for his time in conducting the interview.

Barney talks about what it means to him to be opening for Slayer on their final run of dates, and being the only grind core band on the bill. Barney stated he was “shocked” when they were asked to join the tour. He also talks about the importance of album art for not only him but to the band as well. We talk about the bands forthcoming album and Barney will be finalizing the lyrics and vocals once their fall tours wind down to a close this December. We also talk about the current climate in the world and if it has inspired any lyrical content for Napalm Death’s upcoming album. Barney also talks about the EPA and President Donald Trump and adds his ”¬†kind of disreguard of human beings is not funny”. We also talk about the band’s upcoming South American tour with Cannibal Corpse and much more. You can hear the watch the entire interview below.



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