AS I LAY DYING Announces ”Shaped By Fire Tour” & Releases Another Banger ”Redefined”!

Everyone knows it by now, As I Lay Dying is finally back and better than ever before. After releasing a song as powerful as ”My Own Grave” they instantly let us know exactly who runs things around here. And after hearing their latest release ”Redefined” and I am stoked to say that it is looking like the 2000s metalcore sound is making a great comeback!

”Redefined” has been released on the 11th of April this year and it marks an important day for the scene if you ask me. The resurrection of the original 2000s metalcore sound, fast and nasty riffs with a small but fitting solo and vocals hard enough to match the breakdown. Now we can only wait for this sound to continue to thrive in their next album. But before we do that we have a chance to witness As I Lay Dying live again and this time it is on their headline tour called ”Shaped By Fire”. It is an European tour starting on the 24th of September and it features 3 beasts you don’t want to be messing with. Chelsea Grin, Unearth and metalcore soon to be metalcore giants Fit For A King!

Look for a show near you down below and hopefuly I get to see some of you at their Tilburg date!

Interested in a ticket? Here you go!

A I Lay Dying:

Tim Lambesis – zang
Phil Sgrosso – gitaar
Nick Hipa – gitaar
Josh Gilbert – basgitaar
Jordan Mancino – drums

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