An Interview With Joshua Toomey (Talk Toomey Podcast / PRIMER 55)


Most of you are some time or another have heard something that Joshua Toomey has created, whether it be his music with the Nu-Metal legends Primer 55, or his Nashville based band 12 Volt Negative Earth, or his popular podcast Talk Toomey. The bass player turned podcaster was originally from the Nashville area, but moved to the Bluegrass state in order to join Primer 55. From 2002–2007 Toomey was the bands bassist and toured both near and far with the band. Prior to Primer 55 Toomey was a member of the band 12 Volt Negative Earth. I happened to see the band live and their sound was incredible and a band that should have went much further than they did. When Toomey left 12v to join Primer 55 he was replaced by another bassist you may know, Chris Kael now famously known as the bass player for Five Finger Death Punch. When Toomey left the stage and started a family (who are adorable by the way) he still had that creative itch, and was inspired by other podcasters like Jamey Jasta. He felt like he had something to say in a creative manner so Talk Toomey was born. His last name which I’m sure has been a headache at times was finally put to some good use and it didn’t take long before a vast amount of fans were familiar with the name. After speaking at the Louder Than Life festival in 2016 and 2017 Toomey and I (Fist – Editor & Founder of Metal Nexus) decided to join forces bringing together Talk Toomey’s incredible conversations, already established fan base, guests and insight with the hard working Metal Nexus staff and our fans. The partnership was instantly a hit and Metal Nexus is incredibly happy to have Talk Toomey as part of the Metal Nexus family. This interview was an opportunity to allow you – the fans to get to know the man behind the mic a little better, and also for two friends to just shoot the shit.


It can always being difficult when you are interviewing someone who is a veteran when it comes to interviewing the biggest names in rock and metal. During this interview which is more like a conversation Joshua Toomey and I talk about the current state of Nu-Metal, his time in the ever so popular Louisville band Primer 55, and his other band 12 Volt Negative Earth based out of Nashville. Toomey was known as the hair guy during his bass playing days on stage so with his vast knowledge of dreadlocks we also talk about who he thinks has the best dreadlocks in metal today, his answer may or may not surprise you. Of course we couldn’t let the conversation end without talking about Talk Toomey and what some of his goals are for the podcast what it’s been like interviewing some of his idols and what listeners and fans should expect in the future. You can listen to a new episode of Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast every Thursday right here on Metal Nexus. With recent interviews including Stepehen Thompson the mixer of Metallica’s ‘And Justice For All’, John 5, Wes Borland, Phil Anselmo, Robb Flynn and others you will never know what’s coming up next. Make sure you never miss an episode.


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