An Evening With FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS In Bristol, UK [Review & Photo Gallery]

Fun Lovin’ Criminals

So Fun Lovin Criminals just graced our shores here in the UK. They provided an evening which consisted of their DJ doing a set of some hip-hop and dance classics to warm the crowd up, then Huey Morgan and crew hit the stage to entertain with a super chilled-out evening from the get-go.

Huey came out on crutches with his leg all braced up. He didn’t go into what happened, but made a joke about “you should see the other guy.” But he was comfortable – he had a nice big red leather chair and a footstool holding his bourbon which he sipped on throughout the night. He was overwhelmed and happy to be back in the O2 Academy Bristol and said to the audience, “Thanks, let’s have a good time. You’re paying customers after all!”

Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Huey and crew still have the power to pack out venues like the O2 which is great to see. His guitar solos are truly amazing and, damn can he play guitar. This is the first time I’ve seen them live for many years and forgot how good he was. He’s one serious player.

They busted out all the classics as well as loads of new tracks, but for me personally, one of the standout songs was “Scooby Snacks.” Wow, the cheers for that classic was loud – and to hear the crowd singing along was incredible. Also tracks like “Big Night Out,” and of course, “The King of New York.” I bought their first album ‘Come Find Yourself’ back when it was released on vinyl and still spin that from time to time whilst enjoying a bourbon myself – it’s an ultimate classic. If you get chance to catch them, it’s a show to enjoy for sure.


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