6 Steps to Turn Your Spare Room Into a Music Studio

6 Steps to Turn Your Spare Room Into a Music Studio

If you are an amateur music artist then affording a professional music studio could be a difficult task for you in the beginning. However, what if you can make your own studio at your home? Sounds exciting, right?

Today, we will walk you through on how to turn your spare room into a music studio. Moreover, you can use these methods even if you are just a music enthusiast and need a separate room to enjoy music without any disturbance. That being said, let’s have a look at how your can turn your spare room into a music studio in a few easy steps:

Picking out the room

Most people do not have more than 1 spare room in their house. But if you happen to have more than 1 spare room which can be turned into a music studio then you need to choose wisely. This is inarguably the most important step for you.

Always pick the biggest room in order to have great sound and in case you work with a crew it will have enough space for all of you to work together. Moreover, never pick a room which is near a room as it will only cause you more harm than good. The traffic or insect’s noise might distract you while you are trying to record your music.

Select the right flooring

Once you have sorted out which room to build your own music studio from the scratch, the next step is to pick the right flooring. If you are creating a recording studio then a hardwood or concrete floor is the best choice for you. You might think that if you use concrete, it might make the room look ugly but you can use decorative concrete Lynchburg as it’s much more attractive than normal concrete.

Also, never use carpets as your flooring. It will not only wear down faster if multiple people are going in and out but also disturb the acoustics in the room. The reason being a carpet will absorb high frequencies while you are recording. If you still absolutely want to put a carpet in the room then try a small carpet in the middle of the room on hardwood or concrete floor.

Soundproofing the room

When you are composing a song the acoustics of a room play a major role. And if your home music studio is not properly soundproofed it will definitely come in your way later on. You can even use a sound meter to detect the best place to place your equipment in order to avoid bad acoustic spots.

Furthermore, you can use foams to soundproof the walls, ceilings, and windows. To make sure the foam doesn’t leave its place you can either staple it to the wall or use screws to keep the foam in place.

Getting rid of the extra stuff

When you are sure that no extra noise from outside will interrupt your work, it’s time to have a look inside. You need to get rid of any electronic equipment which might create extra noise or items that resonate frequencies with your recording equipment.

This mainly includes taking out computers and laptops as the cooling fan will create unnecessary background noise. Along with that, if you are installing any furniture in the room make sure to wrap its leg with bubble wrap. The reason being these furnitures can cause audio reflections while recording.

Setting up your equipments

Now, all the non-technical work is almost over. You just need to set up your music instruments and recording equipment to finish the job. Moreover, make sure all the equipment is kept in a corner of your studio. By doing this, you get well balanced acoustics for composing your music.

Decorating the studio

If you have followed the above-mentioned steps correctly then all that is left is to decorate your studio. This step totally depends upon your liking in decorative items. For example, you can get a custom neon sign to improve the ambience and add a statement of your art to the room. Say, if you are looking to Buy Neon Signs UK or somewhere nearby, you can fallback on online stores such as Neon Filter. You can also consider decorating the space with flowers that will match/contrast the color of you walls.

If you like casinos, you can get a few decorative items from the same niche but make sure to check casino reviews nz online. Also, make sure to not go too fancy with the shopping as that might disrupt the acoustics of the room and ruin your days of hard work.


We hope now you have a better understanding of how to turn your spare room into a music studio. If you were planning to start recording your own songs in the near future now you can do it at your home. In the end, we would like to say make sure to use the room to its fullest capacities and leave no stones unturned.

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