Review: AMARANTHE – ‘Helix’ [Official Music Videos]

Who thought that combining death metal and pop/rock would be one of the greatest things ever combined? Amaranthe is back after releasing their 2016 record ‘Maximalism’ to continue down a different path while holding on tight to some of their roots. So let’s get right into their upcoming album ‘Helix’ which got released via Spinefarm Records!

Let’s talk about the first single that has been released called ”365”. It has been out since the 10th of August via AmarantheTV and it has claimed near 2 million views since that point. If you were ever wondering what track to listen to when discovering Amaranthe then I highly recomment you to check this one out. Besides needing to see classics like ”The Nexus” this right here is your go to. It is rock solid from minute 1 all the way to the end and it contains a well written breakdown as well. It is all that you would expect of them, it is brutal, classy, dark, fast and it just has their name written all over it. Try it right now!

While listening there was 1 song that instantly got my attention and it is called ”GG6”. Now the name doesn’t give away much but I can tell you that it comes from the more brutal side of things. Right of the bat it makes you realise that they aren’t just about making music that is easy to sing along to. In ”GG6” the raw vocals take over and become the main vocal style and it sounds incredible. This is what the album was missing for me up until this point. A song where another vocalist got to sit in the drivers seat and show what he is capable of. Can’t wait to see a music or lyric video of this!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better a song like ”Breakthrough Starshot” comes along. All 3 vocalists absolutely nailed it in this one. It is so great to hear yet another vocalist kick off the track as well. But enough about the vocals. What about those melodic riffs that never fail to impress. The instrumentals have always been on point and especially in this one. They make way for the vocals to shine through and support each other on the way. Each part is great on their own but together they are Amaranthe!

This is just one of those albums that put a smile on your face. It is powerful, dark from time to time and most of all crazy energetic. It makes you want to stand up and shout until your lungs collapse. And the fact that they have 3 different vocalists is amazing, they are all extremely talented and they compliment each other really well. They got elements from almost everywhere. From death metal all the way to power metal and back to rock & pop. And all that while remaining to stay in touch with some of their most important roots. They show us that metal is evolving everyday. Amaranthe is the melodic, kick ass metal act you have been dying to meet!

Pre-order this beauty right here!


Elize – Vocals
Henrik – Screams
Nils – Vocals
Olof – Guitars and keys
Morten – Drums
Johan – Bass

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