Glenn Hughes Performs Classic DEEP PURPLE In Bristol, UK [Review + Photo Gallery]

Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes aka “The Voice of Rock” and the band came out to an almighty roar at the o2 Academy Venue in Bristol, UK. Though Glenn has been in various bands like Trapeze, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Black Country Communion, California Breed, and various others this tour was specifically about Glenn Hughes performing classic Deep Purple.

The cheers sounded like a stadium, the upstairs balcony area was also packed. Glen stepped onto the stage rocking a jacket with Union Jacks on the sleeves and of course his Yamaha bass.

Glenn Hughes

From the start it was as if you had a DeLorean from Back to the Future and Doc Brown picked you up and zapped you back to the 70’s with the retro sound of the keyboards and the really punchy drums was insane. If you shut your eyes and listened you would think it was the 70’s, the only thing missing was a slight smell of cannabis and it definitely would have been the 70’s, although I’m sure someone in the crowd has some marijuana and rolling papers!

Like most gigs us photographers only get three songs to capture the moment so time is of the essence. After their first song ‘Stormbringer’ I actually put my camera down and clapped as I was blown away by the power of this line up. I never put my camera down.

Glenn Hughes

The main thing was Glenn Hughes and his iconic voice, This isn’t something you can hear on the inter webs and get the same emotions from. Your hairs stand up each time he delivers up to the microphone a vocal harmony. I would also like to mention any young budding vocalist on their way up to check out videos of Glenn to see what a rock vocalist should be, but again videos can’t fully capture everything that Glenn brings to the stage, you need to witness his iconic stage presence in person. The whole sound was created by Soren Anderson (Guitar), Jesper Bo Hansen (Keyboards) and new drummer for the project (Fernando Escobedo).

Glenn Hughes

4th Song ‘Getting Tighter’ Glenn busted out the whah whah pedal which he said openly he hasn’t used since the 1970’s. He also mentioned it was so nice to be back in the UK. Now most front men say that in bands but the UK born Glenn had a real genuine delivery on the speech and said he can’t wait to come back again.

The whole night was a psychedelic vibe with a huge hippy looking tie dye type artsy back drop, with all the classics played to time warp you to the first time you heard these tunes. With drummer Fernando Escobedo stomping on the bass drum pedal, it was a great vibe and you felt every kick straight to your chest and it got all the people moving. The keyboard sound was phenomenal. Glenn and the band played 10 songs in total with amazing keyboard and guitar solos at two different points. Also Glenn did an A cappella vocal solo and that’s when you know how good he is, nothing playing in the background just his isolated vocals as the audience remained silent then finished to one of the loudest cheers I’ve heard in the o2.

Glenn Hughes

All in all this was a top night of classic Deep Purple tracks played to the highest caliber hearing “You Keep On Moving”, “Highway Star”, “Smoke On The Water’ and then finishing on “Burn” makes all the hairs on your arms stand up. You may ask why didn’t he play certain songs??? but why should he. You have to stop somewhere and the set they played was truly amazing. It was a performance of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to see him again.

As I always say in my reviews just get out there and support bands and have a great night. Until the next review, enjoy the pics and get out and Mosh.


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