BITERS With THE SAINTS OF HEARTBREAK Rock The City Of Whitesburg, Kentucky [Photo Gallery]

Where is Appalshop Theater you ask? Whitesburg Kentucky is the answer to that question and you are missing out! Most all of the bands or singers that have performed here have had the same thing to say. It may be one of the best rooms in the region if not the state! At around 175 seats its perfect spot to get up close and personal with whoever might be preforming. Last night it was the Biters and The Saints of Heartbreak’s (Ive mentioned before how much I love that name!) turn to fill the Appalshop Theater with sound. Great music is what both bands brought to Whitesburg last night!

The Saints Of Heartbreak

Corbin KentuckyThe Saints of Heartbreak have had a lineup change since the last time I saw them. Marc on drums and Jacob on guitar are the two newest members with founding member Zack on guitar and lead vocals. Last night was their first live show with the new line-up and after a little bit of a shaky start they pulled it together big time! They rocked right through several original songs that included “Full Speed” and “Sexy Grip” and into a killer cover of Billy Idol’s White Wedding”. They are in the studio now working on a new CD, be on the lookout for it and The Saints of Heartbreak.


Straight from Atlanta, GA Biters made their way up to Whitesburg Kentucky for a Wednesday night rock show and rock they did! The crowd was small but that didn’t slow the Biters down at all. You couldn’t tell from their performance if there were 5 people or 5000 in attendance, Tuk, Joey, Ricky and Matt gave it their all! Some of my picks from a great set list were: “Born To Cry”, “1975”, “Stone Cold Love”, “Gypsy Rose” and “Heart Fulla Rock N Roll” but to top off an outstanding set they performed two amazing covers – Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me” and the band also paid tribute to one of America’s greatest song writers and musicians of all time the late great Tom Petty by covering his iconic song “American Girl”. Rock and Roll is alive and well as long as bands like Biters are out on the road!

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