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Greetings and salutations. Call me Fist, I'm a proud Kentuckian and I've used metal to help me get through the suffering of living in the bible belt. I am an encyclopedia of metal. I'm a fan of all types of metal. My main goal here is to help people find more music they will fall in love with. Hope you enjoy our words! \m/

Top 7 Rock Music Genres You Didn’t Know Existed

7 Most Unusual Rock Music Genres

The times we’re living in can in all seriousness be considered the Golden Age of rock music. In the past, someone who had a specific musical talent could be regarded as a shaman and treated accordingly. It was even worse in the Middle Ages when musicians performing snappy music risked being burnt alive by the Inquisition. Rock music with catchy guitar riffs, powerful bass lines, rapid-fire drums, and expressive vocals is divided into a lot of genres – from light Dance Rock & Roll to aggressive Death Metal and Grindcore. To be able to appreciate all of them, you can buy college papers and rid yourself of one more academic headache. Continue reading

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS Cancel Tour After Van Accident and Fire [Video]


BETRAYING THE MARTYRS has been forced to cancel the rest of their North American Summer “Rapture” tour, including last night’s show in Orangevale, CA, after being involved in a serious auto incident following their show in Los Angeles. Continue reading

THE GLASSPACK Emerge From Decade Long Hiatus; New Album & Show Announcement

Pictured: “Dirty” Dave Johnson and Brett “Cap’n” Holsclaw

After a near-decade-long silence, notorious Louisville, Kentucky based psychedelic punk unit, The Glasspack, will return to the stage and studio. Featuring core members, “Dirty” Dave Johnson (vocals, guitars), Brett “Cap’n” Holsclaw (mc, drums), and Nicholas Hall (guitars, keys), with Billy Lease (guitars, bass) and Rodney Roads (bass, guitar), the band feels it is once again time to jump start Louisville’s rock scene. Continue reading

Louder Than Life Festival Spotlight: HO99O9 [Videos]

Welcome back to our ongoing series of LOUDER THAN LIFE 2019 artist profiles, our weekly guide through the lineup of acts who’ll take the stage at Louisville, Kentucky’s Highland Festival Grounds at Kentucky Expo Center September 27-29 in what’s sure to be one of the biggest concert events of the year. This week, we’re checking out Ho99o9.*

Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror) is one of the up and coming band performing at Louder Than Life this year, it’s first year in the new location at the Highland Festival Grounds at the Kentucky Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. Last year’s festival was cancelled due to flooding at Champions Park the former location of the festival since its inaugural year. This band is like nothing you have ever seen or heard before. Their sound is a mixture of punk, industrial and rap. The band finished up 2018 on tour with The Prodigy in the U.K.. Their sound is somewhat similar to The Prodigy mixed with Nine Inch NailsDead Kennedys and a touch of rap. Ho99o9’s sound changes somewhat drastically from song to song and they can’t really be pigeon holed to one specific sound or style. The New Jersey duo explains that they weren’t exposed to rock, punk or metal growing up and all they really heard was hip hop. Now days you will see the band members repping such bands as the Misfits, Cro-Mags, and even Eye Hate God. Continue reading

What Are the Different Types of Violin?

What Are the Different Types of Violin?


Have you ever thought of the rich history of violin and how it was created? 

Created by Andrea Amati from Cremona, Italy, the inspiration behind the creation of violin came from stringed instruments like vielle, rebec, and lira da braccio. It was created by the same hard maple wood as piano especially on its neck, ribs, and back. While its fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece are made of ebony.  Continue reading

Exclusive: MASK OF JUDAS Release Video For “The Mesmerist”


Progressive Tech Metal band Mask Of Judas is based in Chichester in the United Kingdom. The band formed in 2010 and has quickly become a favorite to tech-metal fans both at home and abroad. The band released their debut EP ‘Axis’ in 2014, and followed that up with the release of their full length ‘The Mesmerist’ in May 2018. The band is comprised of Jo Challen on vocals, Sam Bell and Reece Fullwood on guitars, Jof Walsh behind the drums and George Bell laying down the thunder on bass. The way in which vocalist Jo Challen is able to switch back and forth with her harrowingly deep screams and moments later sing in her beautiful melodic tone is simply amazing. Combine her jaw dropping vocal abilities and the technical onslaught of the band and it really shows why Mask Of Judas stands apart from other bands not only in their genre but in metal as a whole. In the past the band has supported Tesseract, Veil of Maya, Periphery, Monuments, and various others over the years. Mask Of Judas also preformed at  Tech-Fest which is iconic for the genre and is now preparing for Radar Fest 2019 at Casino Nightclub, in Guildford, United Kingdom on August 2nd – 4th where the band will be performing along side Animals As Leaders, Monuments and others.


Continue reading

State Of The Art: Mississippi’s BEFORE I HANG [Album Stream]

If you are under the impression that great punk only comes from New York City, Los Angeles or other major cities you couldn’t be more wrong. Hattiesburg, Mississippi punk rockers Before I Hang are the definition of old school sleazy punk rock and they stand before us and prove that even Mississippi can produce some major talent. The members of Before I Hang aren’t new to the game either, they have been grinding out punk rock hits for over 28 years. The band first played under the name Before I Hang in September of 1990 but didn’t become a complete 4 piece with committed members until March of 1991. The band has had the honor of playing along side other legendary acts like ANTiSEEN, Mondo Generator, Hookers and the infamous Murder Junkies led by Merl Allin the brother of the late great G.G. Allin. The band refers to themselves as “The longest running band in Mississippi punk history!” The band had multiple line up changes in the vocalist and drummer positions over the years but Joel Rivers (bass) and Walt Wheat (guitar) are the founding members. The current line up boasts Lee Hurst (vocals) and John Wayne Littlejohn (drums) has been solid for 10 years now and is by far the longest standing lineup.


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SKUNK ANANSIE Set To Kick Off UK Tour With Several Sold Out Dates! [More Dates Added]

Skunk Anansie were born radical and have stayed that way ever since. It’s there in their music, which slips effortlessly between the confrontational and the tender, the politically charged and the nakedly emotional, the upfront and attention-grabbing and the quiet and restrained. But it’s there in the band’s essence too – in the blend of influences, cultures and personalities they have so successfully brought together. When the band emerged from the sweat-drenched backrooms of London in 1994, electrifying everyone who saw them and jamming an adrenaline shot into the arm of a decadent music scene, they sounded and looked like nothing that had come before them. “Nobody in our manor had seen anything like us before”, says singer Skin, who co-founded the band with bassist Cass and guitarist Ace. “We were an earthquake.” Continue reading

Bourbon and Beyond 2019 Full Lineup Announcement and Preview!

Bourbon and Beyond is back yet again with another outstanding lineup after being forced to cancel the 2nd day in 2018, due to flooding and heavy rainfall. This rained also caused the whole Louder Than Life festival to be cancelled last year as well. But not to worry, the Danny Wimmer Presents team and the City of Louisville have came together and found an incredible place to have Bourbon and Beyond this year. The Bourbon and Beyond festival along with Louder Than Life and the brand spanking new festival “Hometown Rising” will be home to the Highland Festival Grounds in Louisville, KY. This new location will prevent the rain from stopping the great music and the heads moving! Last year’s Bourbon and Beyond festival was super thrilling even though it just went for one day. Acts like Larkin Poe, Swimming With Bears, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers, you can’t go wrong! I had such a good experience last year watching all these acts come together and showing Louisville what it was all about! The rain didn’t stop the crowd from rocking! Even though I thought for sure we were going to be washed away, it did not stop the crowd from enjoying the music whatsoever! When you have a heart for music, nothing gets in the way! Continue reading

5 Secret Celebrity Metal Heads

Metal fans come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share one thing in common, their passion for the music

When most people think of metal fans, they often think of a stereotypical image of people with long hair, piercings, and tattoos, throwing up the horns. While a lot of people attending a metal concert do look like that, most of them don’t when they are doing their day job. Continue reading