Your Chance To Die Sign On With EMP: Underground!


It has just been announced that Technical/Melodic Death Metal veterans Your Chance To Die have joined forces with EMP Label Group (EMP: Underground) and have released “Shadown and Flame” on EMP: Underground Volume One (Sampler). The new song was mixed and mastered by Jamie King with executive production covered by Thom Hazaert and none other than Megadeth’s David Ellefson! The sampler is available now at EMP. With a new album on the near horizon (ExNihilo due out in Spring 2017), Your Chance To Die has a very promising future ahead of them!


Tracklist for EMP: Underground Volume One:

Dead By Wednesday – “Live Again” (F/ Brian Fair) 3:52
(From the EMPLG LP The Darkest Of Angels)
Ditchwater – “Blister” 3:18
Abertooth Lincoln“Dreamy Kids” 3:50
Casket Robbery“Annibelle’s Hell” 4:16
Dead Epimony“Untamed Mind” 3:13
Solus Deus“The Plague” 3:18
(From the EMPUG EP The Plague)
Unicorn Death“Doomed by the Inquisition” 3:58
Killing The Messenger“Fuel to the Fire” 4:13
(From the EMPUG LP Fuel the Fire)
Evil Engine“Father” 3:19
Grüzer“The Accessory” 4:29
Incarcerhated“Nightmare Reality” 4:53
Lutharö“Black Scorpion” 6:00
Green Death“Gates of Hell” (F/ David Vincent) 3:16
(From the EMP LP Manufacturing Evil)
Ancient“Land of the Dead” 4:06
(From the EMPUG Release Back to the Land of the Dead)
Surviving the Era“Here in the Dark” 4:00
SKUMLOVE“The Infected” (F/ Burton C. Bell) 3:06
(From the EMPUG LP Sinister Minister)

Even The Dead Love A Parade“Heart Poacher” 3:59
(From the EMPLG EP Even the Dead Love a Parade)
Machinage“Voices” 6:07
(From the EMPUG LP Slave Nation)
Mutilated By Zombies“Maggot Bath” 3:34
NonHuman Era“Hollow Point” 5:49
Semblant“Incinerate” – 4:45
(From the EMPLG LP Lunar Manifesto)
Psykotribe“Live Evil 4:30
Revilwen“Lead 3:28
Behind the Fallen“Reflections” (f/ Telle Smith) 3:13
(From the forthcoming EMPLG LP As the Sky Falls Through)
S7N“Blackout” 4:08
Sardis“Satisfied” 3:55
Toothless“Ennui” 4:17
Helstar“Black Cathedal” 7:38
(From the EMPUG LP Vampiro)
Your Chance To Die“Shadow and Flame” 3:21
(From the EMPUG LP ExNihilo Coming Spring 2017)
Urn“Silently, I’m Still Screaming” 5:25
Goatsilk“Nothing Compares” 3:10
Heaven Below“Renegade Protest Movement” 3:48
(From the EMPLG LP Good Morning Apocalypse)
Left of Reason“Randall Cobb” (4:03)


From Camden, SC, Your Chance To Die was founded in 2007 by Coca and Missi Avila as a four piece Metalcore band. After a several of changes over the course of the last nine years, current members include Missi Avila and Som Pluijmer (formerly of Cerebral Bore) on vocals, Ron Dalton and Coca Avila on guitars and Thomas White covering the drums (it appears that they are currently in search of a bass player) and have graduated to a Technical/Melodic Death Metal sextet of fury. Dual, female vocals is unique, especially since there is no clean singing to be heard. Both killer vocalists have deep, gut wrenching growls that would make most Death Metal vocalists tremble, male or female, while keeping their raw and overtly intense lyrics relatively clear and intelligible. Just under the vocals lie earthshaking rhythms and driving guitars. Leads are what make Your Chance To Die technical and melodic. Truly clever riffs and virtuoso level solos are among the best in the business. The more I have listened, the more impressed I have become. Really, really good band with a really unique sound. YCTD has release two CDs to date: Suscitacio Somnus in 2011 and The American Dream in 2013 with the much anticipated ExNihilo due out in Spring 2017 on the EMP: Underground record label. They have also played with touring acts Origin, Wednesday 13, King Parrot, Arsonists Get All the Girls, Beyond Creation among many others and have headlined tours in the US, Central America and Mexico. With EMP firmly in their corner, Your Chance To Die have no where to go but up.

More on Your Chance To Die can be found on Facebook

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