THY ART IS MURDER Release Dear Desolation Teaser Trailer!

Australian death core legends Thy Art Is Murder released the first part of a trailer for their upcoming album ‘Dear Desolation’ on the 14th of July, their full album will get out on the 18th of August via their record label Nuclear Blast. It is scary and it even has some references in it as well, check it out!

Thy Art Is Murder is one of the biggest pioneers in the Death Core genre, they have influenced so many other bands and they still remain untouched. Yesterday on the 14th of July they released their first trailer, get your eyes on it down below!

Thy Art Is Murder for sure knows how to get us hyped up for their upcoming album ‘Dear Desolation’. Being a fan of this band for a long time I instantly noticed some great references they made in this teaser. The first sentence ”At first, man became enthralled with HATE” clearly refers to their 2012 album ‘Hate’ and the second sentence ”Devided the WAR began” is a big reference to their latest 2015 album ‘Holy War’. Maybe this means that they will combine their brutal roots with their new upcoming sound, only time will tell. One thing I do know for certain is that I will be getting the album. Pre-order it HERE!

They will also be touring through Australia,Europe/UK and the United States, check if they will be playing near you HERE!

If you haven’t checked out their first song from their upcoming album don’t worry because it is linked at the end of this article, enjoy!

Thy Art Is Murder consists of:

Vocals – CJ McMahon
Drums – Lee Stanton
Guitar – Andy Marsh
Guitar – Sean Delander
Bass – Kevin Butler

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