Just an hour ago, something legendary was released. For the last week, Havok and Allegaeon have been teasing something with satirical political photos with Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Mike Tyson. The wait has finally ended and we get to see what it’s all about. Members from Allegaeon, Havok, Cephalic Carnage, and Job For A Cowboy all gathered together for the ultimate side project, The Nuclear Power Trio. Kim Jong Un is shredding on guitar, Donald Trump creating funky basslines, and Mike Tyson shredding on the drum kit. What is seen in the video below can’t be unseen. I’m hoping that this is just the start and there will be more music to come. See what the band members have to say and check out the instrumental jam below and be on the lookout for more music from The Nuclear Power Trio. Check out the masks created by Landon Meier at

Nick Schendzielos:
“I’m extremely pleased to finally unleash this new video on the interweb. It’s truly amazing to see all this creativity brought to life by these insanely realistic masks from Landon Meier. Huge thanks to the entire team for making this happen!”

Pete Webber:
“As hilarious and awesome it was making this video, it was a very cool experience to play something other than heavy metal! Very cool to show some different musicianship that we could accomplish! I believe the whole project came out great and I can’t wait to do more!”

Greg Burgess:
“What’s better than getting to jam with dudes you respect; dudes who have been good friends AND you respect. When Nick asked me if I was interested in doing his next video, I of course said yes, but I totally wanted to raise the bar musically on what had been done before. I studied what Nick did with Dave Davidson, cranked up some Zappa and some Gloria Estafan, and got to work. Working with these dudes has been nothing short of an incredible experience. 10/10, would bang again.”

The Nuclear Power Trio is:
Greg Burgess (Allegaeon) – Guitar
Pete Webber (Havok)- Drums
Nick Schendzielos (Havok, Cephalic Carnage, Job For A Cowboy) – Bass


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