The Music Industry In Modern Times

The Music Industry In Modern Times

Sometimes, you feel so lonely and the only thing that can soothe you is music. Music affects your emotions and moods and lightens your spirit. I wonder what life would be without it. Perish the thought! Luckily there are blogs such as that can delve into the music scene and satiate our need to get our music fixes. Music did not originate from our modern instruments like radio or the iPod. Believe it or not, music was changing lives and changing society way before any Audio Video Company started installing sophisticated audio systems that make listening to music as easy as it’s ever been. It started way back in the stone age. Some studies on ancient music instruments proved that the first musical instrument dated as far back as 40,000 years ago. They also believe that the first bone flute which was found in Slovakia was one of the huge steps in music technology.

The Evolution of Music

Music can be described as a collection of sound notes that are combined to be pleasant for hearing. Ever culture in every part of the world has their own music. Long before this modern music industry came into existence, our ancestors formed their own music groups and sounds with it without instruments. Their trials have brought us to this point we are now.

In 1750’s classical music came and captivated everyone Classical music is among the oldest genres in the world that has stood the test of time. It dominated the Music Industry until the beginning of 1900 when other music genres began taking root.

Music genres like Jazz, Sitar and Samba were very popular at that time. Rock became one of the most significant genres when the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley came into the picture. A group of hippies created their sound on 1980 after which RnB and Rap came in 1990’s to take music to a whole different level. All the music genres that we listen to have their own history.

Music of modern times

In the last few decades, the music industry has had a lot of good changes in ways that people didn’t imagine. This can be observed from how music is made, the sound and videos even up to how it is pushed in the market. In 1994, Geffen Records made a mark in music. They became the first record label to introduce music as a downloadable file. Following in their footsteps, other websites sprang up, then music apps followed like Spotify, Amazon music, Apple music, and sound cloud. The tech that we use to listen to music has also evolved in a short space of time too. To listen to music, you once had to have large systems that monopolized large spaces in the home, now you can get something like a Majority Snowdon ii soundbar that barely takes up any counter space.

In the past, artists had to push their music by selling CDs. The lucky ones got their music promoted by a record label. But nowadays, there are a lot of music websites where you can pay as little as $50 for them to push your music. You also do not have to worry if you can’t pay the fee. There’s YouTube to your rescue.

With YouTube, you can showcase your music by just creating a free account. Not only this but you can actually make music online with apps like garageband for windows! You also post your music for free with the opportunity of making money if you get a lot of views.

The music industry has changed ever since and will keep changing. If you intend to start a career in the music industry, then you have to keep up with the music trends.

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