TAX THE HEAT Rocks Frome As THE CORAL’s Opener [Review & Photo Gallery]

Tax the Heat (TTH) supporting The Coral for Frome Festival 2019 at Cheese & Grain? Hell yeah I’m going to that! But just to assure you, we are only covering TTH, as The Coral are a bit mellow for Metal Nexus.

Tax The Heat

Tax the Heat are a UK band signed to Nuclear Blast Records, and with their album ‘Change Your Position’ getting rave reviews from major media outlets from day one, I’ve been trying to track them down and get to check them out at a venue local to me. So, tonight was the night the Cheese & Grain venue was rammed full with fans of both bands waiting for TTH to get onstage. The band came out to a very warm welcome and clicked straight into action with opening track of the set, “On the Run,” which was a good move, as it shows the mellow side to their music; and with The Coral’s audience here, it was a good move to start steady.

The second tune of the set was the catchy anthem-like riff to the track “All That Medicine,” which chugged out through the venue – and if you are one of those people who just stand at the back at venues and enjoy the music and don’t really move, this banger will definitely change that. You can’t help yourself but to nod along to its hypnotizing trance, as it’s a catchy little number. And weirdly as I’m writing this review, it’s being played on Nights With Alice Cooper on Planet Rock Radio – spooky!

Tax The Heat

The whole band are made up of extremely talented musicians with vocalist and guitarist Alex Veale looking like he’s been doing this for fucking years (maybe so). Either way, it was a class performance for these local rockers. The whole set was held together by the rhythm section, which consisted of Jack Taylor on drums and Antonio Angotti on bass. Some tunes had that distorted bass tone which gives this band the edge. I’m not going into comparisons, but their sound has elements of a couple recent bands, but nowhere near a copy – TTH have their own unique sound for sure. Also, these lads look sharp and smart on stage – top marks for that! The look works, and that’s what so many acts are lacking. Yeah, it’s about the music, but take a leaf out of TTH’s book and look like a band.

TTH churned out tune after tune with JP Jacyshyn getting stuck right in with the guitars for the fourth song on the set, “Money in the Bank,” and owning his part of the stage whilst supplying backing vocals.  Standout tracks for me were definitely “All That Medicine,” “Devil’s Daughter,” and ending on “Fed to the Lions,” which is one tune I’ve wanted to hear live, and the lads didn’t disappoint. This track has to be on radios everywhere. It’s one of those songs that just gets you from the first note, off their 2016 album, also titled “Fed to the Lions.”

Tax The Heat

The Coral had to come out after this performance and I don’t think they would want to. It’s not often I see a support act blow me away like these lads did. Make sure you check out TTH on Spotify, YouTube (all the major socials), and check Nuclear Blast’s line up (which is amazing right now). They also have a side label called SharpTone Records, which is picking up all the talent. So, if a band is signed to either of these labels, watch this space! We will continue to cover these bands, as they are hot property right now – trust me. What is it they say, if someone says “trust me” it usually means you shouldn’t? Well, this is bollocks where I am concerned – I speak my truth! Till next time, Metal Nexus readers.

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