State Of The Art: FEAR THE CONCEPT [EP Stream & Official Video]

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state. This month’s state is Florida.*

The state of Florida is home to a thriving underground Metal scene, with up and coming bands from all different sub-genres. In this installment of State Of The Art, we will be taking a look at newcomer Metalcore outlet, Fear The Concept; there’s definitely something special with these younger bands that are just getting their starts, and this Florida quintet. The ambition these young guys bring within their recordings is a nothing short of a youthful display of aggression and energy that ensures they’re here to stay for a long time. The group was founded in June 2011 out of Orlando, Florida, and, despite some roster changes over the years they have successfully found a group that is sure to continue making music for their fans’ listening pleasure and experience. With one EP release since 2015, they are steadily and surely progressing their careers into a more mature and established group, and we are excited to see what their future is gonna bring. Continue reading

Review of “Dark Matter” By Auditory Armory

Auditory Armory is:

April Rose – Vocals and Guitar
Oscar Garcia – Drums
Dennis Burns – Guitar
Justice Maynard – Bass

Dark Matter

Auditory Armory is a female fronted Alternative Metal band that manages to take the best of Hard Rock, Metal, Progressive Rock and even some Jazz and cleanly distills them into a sound that can only be identified as theirs. This is the advantage of taking on music with wide, curious and wandering eyes instead of within the confines of what is and what should be for any certain genre/sub-genre of music and the die-hard fans that constantly in-fight these categorizations to death. This has always been a pet peeve. Categories should be used simply as a way of describing a sound to someone that has not heard of the band, not as some confining boundary of what music should sound like. Imagine, if you will, a musical landscape where Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Gershwin, Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, The Beatles, Elvis, Hendrix, Yes, Rush, Michael Hedges, Pink Floyd, Eddie Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Judus Priest, The Big 4, Chuck Schuldiner, Pantera, Cannibal Corpse and Venom chose not to think outside of the box. Got it worked out? Not a pretty picture, huh? This is precisely the reason I actively search out and share bands that throw the whole “writing within a box” thing to the wind. Auditory Armory is, obviously, one such band that fits the mold of not fitting in one.

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Armada Gets Serious With Their Debut Release: “Of An Ocean”


Unfortunately, good bands come and go no matter how big they become all the time. Personal conflicts, outside responsibilities, frustration with the industry, among countless other things all take their toll on performing musicians. While fans often lift them up as super-human, they are not. Most musicians I know, big or small, share a single, what should be obvious goal: to share a piece of themselves through their undying passion for music. The Hollywood glitz and glamor media crowd would have you believe it to be driven by money, fame, girls or whatever other vice fascinates the artist being the driving factor.

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A Brilliant Lie – Threads:Spinner and more


I have been heavily involved with local music for years and have made a slew of friends and discovered some of the best music available anywhere by going no further than my local music venues. Hell, at this point, most of my friends are people I have met just hitting a show at least one week. Cost ranging from free to about $10 to be on the front row or within a few yards from the stage; it is hard to beat for entertainment bang for the buck. Plus, everyone, bar none, have been approachable and just as passionate about playing as I am about listening to their work. All of us here at MN love what we do and could not do what we are doing if it was not for the artists creating what we love. Network a bit more and drive a few more miles out of town and the number of local bands available to support grow at an exponential rate. So it goes with my spotlight on Orlando’s own, A Brilliant Lie.

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Our Buddies In Best Supporting Actor Drop Two New Tunes


Our buds in Brevard County, Florida’s Best Supporting Actor have dropped two new tunes for your enjoyment! Check them out in the full-stream below and show this great group of musicians and human beings some love! Thanks going out to Steve Keller for keeping us up with Best Supporting Actor’s rockin’ antics!  Now, check out “Stupid White People” and “Dexx” below!