Review: MIST OF MISERY – ‘Fields of Isolation’ [Album Stream]

Swedish symphonic black metal band, Mist of Misery release their latest EP, ‘Fields of Isolation’ on Black Lion Records as the second chapter of a two-part series to accompany ‘Shackled of Life,’ the first EP or “mini album” in the series, released earlier 2017. Originally formed in 2010, the quartet currently consists of Mortuz-Denatus on lead vocals and keyboards, Phlegathon on guitar, Livsnekraen on drums, and Damian on bass. On ‘Fields of Isolation,’ they attempt to answer the question, “What would happen if a Scandinavian black metal band in corpse paint partied with Beethoven and Bach?” Continue reading

MIST OF MISERY Release Single Broken Chains From Upcoming EP!


Mist Of Misery is for sure one of the most unique Black Metal bands I have ever come across, they combine the best elements from some of the most beautiful aspects from Black Metal together and make it their own. While listening you will almost get overwhelmed by their diversity, you will hear some clear influences of depressive, atmospheric, symphonic and melodic black metal. It is crazy how these guys do it but it sounds insanely good. I have fallen in love with them right after the release of their 2016 album ‘Absence’. It moves you into this mood that you can’t explain in words, it is magical. You for sure need to check it out, I have linked it down below and you can also click on the album name right above.

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