Review: DESTINOVA ‘Nameless Goat’ [Video]


Destinova began in 2007 in Leverkusen, Germany and their music has evolved more between then and now than most bands do in a lifetime. The band has had a couple name changes, lineups and style changes along the way. The band originally started as a Red Hot Chili¬†Peppers cover band. When that didn’t seem to gel the band quickly turned to original songs. Tim took over vocals and guitar, Sandro, who used to play a bit just for fun, became the drummer and Thomas took the bass guitar. During that time the bands name was Think Twice and their intent was to write songs you had to think twice about. They decided to do away with the name as their was already a band using the moniker and they just wanted something new. The name then became Poetry Fact. Then their musical style progressed and they was born again with the current name DESTINOVA. The band had very little experience when they started, and there has been a learning curve, but their music has really came together and they have truly found their sound. In 2012 they added Stevo on guitar and additional vocals. The bands upcoming release is “Nameless Goat” is a follow up to their self titled EP. The album is set to release December 1st. The album was recorded at Mario Dahmen’s Liquid Aether Audio in Germany. Mario Dahmen (Betray Your Idols, Scarscab, Bloodattack) also produced the album. Continue reading