Anvil, Night Demon, Graveshadow, Hollow Leg and Rhythm of Fear Rock Jacksonville, FL!

Freaking bad ass! When I saw that Anvil was playing with Night Demon and my friend Will in Graveshadow, I flipped out. I have been dying to see them for over a year now. When I found out that Hollow Leg and my boys in Rhythm of Fear were added to the bill, I could not have been more thrilled. As it turned out, my expectations were far surpassed by this quintet of killer Metal bands at Nighthawks in Jacksonville, FL. This was my first show at this cool music hall and was not disappointed. The staff was extremely friendly and had not one ounce of “holier than thou” attitude I have encountered at a few other venues. Sound was top notch, being balanced with volumes that did not overdrive their systems. Definite props to the sound controller. If given the opportunity to hit Nighthawks again, I am there without hesitation. If you live anywhere near this place, throw them some support. One of the most fun venues around the area!

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Pure Sacramento California Badness: Graveshadow


We at Metal Nexus always pay attention to those that are watching what we are doing and writing and converse with those that choose to leave comments and messages for us. This is a big reason we do what we do. We love the music and those that have our same interests. A huge labor of love, shall we say. Well, every now and again, something that crosses our paths here unexpectedly. I was reviewing some of our posts and seeing if there were any band members watching our articles and came across William Lloyd Walker III, rhythm guitarist for Graveshadow. After about five minutes of poking around their website and Facebook page, I started listening to their music. Blown away. Simply floored. After contacting Mr. Walker, I was allowed access to their latest release “Nocturnal Resurrection”. After listening to it on a loop for the better part of three days, this band is deserving our readers’ attention as well.

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