Review: DEVILLE – ‘Pigs With Gods’ [Album Stream]


Deville was birthed in 2004 after searching for the perfect members for a period of time. Since the 2004 line-up there have been nearly 400 gigs and festivals Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, the United States and pretty much any other country you can think of. 2005 makes their debut release on Daredevil Records. The two years later the band would sign with Buzzville Records and release their first full length album. In 2016 Markus Nilsson and Markus Åkesson decided to leave the band and the new lineup, announced in August, was complete with Martin Nobel on bass, known from bands as Bad Barber, and Martin Fässberg on drums, known from Quit Your Dayjob, Suma A.O.. Those along with Andreas Wulkan from Death Ray Boot on lead guitar and band founder Andreas Bengtsson on guitar and vocals complete the bands current lineup. On October 26, 2018 Deville released ‘Pigs With Gods’ via Fuzzorama Records. ‘Pigs With Gods’ is the bands second release on Fuzzorama and their fifth release in their career. The album picks up where their last album ‘Make It Belong To Us’ left off , moving in an even more heavy direction straight towards metal, leaving the stoner genre behind in favor of a more classic metal sound.

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