Deron Miller (96 BITTER BEINGS, ex-CKY) – “We Got Signed To A Major Label So They Could Control How Popular We Got”

Deron Miller joins the Brewtally Speaking podcast this week for an interview to discuss ‘Camp Pain,’ the newest album from 96 Bitter Beings. Among other conversation topics, host Jon Beatty gets into the business side of Miller’s newest project including why the band went the route of crowdfunding as well as the impact of the internet and social media on the music industry in general.Sometimes I think we got signed to a major label so they could control how popular we got and how popular we didn’t get,” Miller describes at one point. Click below to check out the whole episode including the full interview with Miller. Continue reading

BREWtally Speaking: Deron Miller (96 BITTER BEINGS, ex-CKY)


Deron Miller, guitarist and vocalist for 96 Bitter Beings and formerly of CKY joins us on this episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast! Deron joins host Jon to discuss 96 Bitter Beings newest album, ‘Camp Pain’, and why they chose to fan fund it, and the reception to the album. The also dive into CKY’s legacy as one of the first bands to really take to the internet, and using that vehicle to be so connected with their fans, LONG before the days of social media. We also chat quite a bit about the business side of the industry, what it means to stay true to yourself as an artist and much more. Continue reading