State of the Art: Wisconsin’s KNAAVES [EP Stream]

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state. This month’s state is Wisconsin.*

Absolutely everything about Knaaves sounds so incredibly pissed off you can’t help but call out, “GET THE FUCK UP” in your car alone while enjoying their 2018 EP, ‘January’, that was released in February. Knaaves is a four-piece modern beatdown hardcore unit from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Andy Parmann fronts the group with venomous vocals. The rhythm section consists of Jamie Kerwin on guitar and Amanda Daniels on bass. Rounding out the bunch on drums is Antonio Ninham. The band formed in 2016, coming together from various local projects such as Amora Savant, Die Alone and Enabler

‘January’ opens with drums that are suggesting an imminent breakdown, with tons of guitar feedback. Picture the mosh pit trudge in full swing. Minor arpeggios seduce the listener into the song. The layering of the track is what is so successful. The nail the discordant lo-fi hardcore vibe but it is still so polished and well rounded. “Nine Lives Lost,” the second and final track has these math-y and jarring riffs that squeal hard. This is the finger pointed, lyric spitting hardcore track that everyone is always on the quest for. 

Fans of Knocked Loose, Code Orange and Harms Way must check out Knaaves as soon as possible. This band is putting out some ferocious material. Knaaves is in the process of recording another EP at the moment, as well as playing locally. Keep up to date on their website, Facebook and other socials.

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