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This month’s state is Massachusetts!

This week’s band hails from the “Heart of the Commonwealth” in Worcester, Massachusetts. Whispers of Andromeda are a melodic metal-core band on Massachusetts’ local level. A short online interview with guitarist Steven DiPietro uncovered their back-story, and it’s certainly one of the more interesting ones I’ve heard. Finalizing their group took nearly two years altogether, Steven and Luckyy Nocera, the group’s guitarists met at the Bury the Hatchet tour in 2014 when it stopped by Worcester and both bought a lesson with Jacky Vincent of Falling In Reverse. The two continued playing for a good while after the lessons and brought in two new members, Dani Angelo and Brandon White, WoA‘s vocalists in 2015. But what is a metal-core band without a drummer? An online search brought in an audition from Shane Lamm, who secured his place in Whispers of Andromeda with Northlane‘s “Quantum Flux” and Bring Me The Horizon‘s “Shadow Moses” in 2016. Their sixth and final member joined early on in 2017, bassist Greg Stinehart, finalizing the band.

At the release of WoA’s debut EP

And they’ve been busy in the short time they’ve been together. Before the group even had Shane set as their drummer, they were working on their single “Aeons In The Dark,” which they released early last year. Shortly after finding Shane, the band began working on a music video for their cover of Kesha’s “Supernatural.” Whispers of Andromeda hadn’t yet found Greg, giving reason to his not being in the music video. The video would finally be released September 13th this year. While the video was being produced, their debut EP was also in the works. “Oceans Become Doors At Night” was just released this past Friday and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Music. A physical copy can’t currently be ordered, lest you attend one of Whispers of Andromeda‘s shows, but they’re looking into making them available. Still at the local level, WoA are playing venues in Massachusetts such as the Raven in Worcester, where they released their EP.

On the note of the EP, I found Whispers of Andromeda through their cover video, and previously expressed my excitement for the album’s release. Having actually listened to “Oceans Become Doors At Night,” I’m happy to say they didn’t disappoint. Each member’s talent compliments each other really well on this album, and there isn’t a track on it I can deem my least favorite or “skippable.” The vocals are just as enchanting on their original songs as I believed them to be from “Supernatural,” the drums are exhilarating, and the guitar riffs and bass lines tie it all together into an incredible sounding album from an amazing band, especially one considered local. You’ve got to check out Whispers of Andromeda!

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