State of the Art: Hawaii’s GORGOS

*This is part of our monthly State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state. This month’s state is Hawaii.*

Ever wonder what the soundtrack of mutilation might sound like? Pretty sure it’s Gorgos. Hailing from a beautiful place like Honolulu, Hawaii, yet they have no shortage of brutality. It’s death metal, it’s slam, a little bit of grind thrown in the mixer. What churns out is blood soaked and meaty riffs. This is carnivorous music.

A five piece band that came together in 2013, Gorgos has since released a single full-length, just last year. 2018’s “Klatau” features ten tracks of blistering solos, blast beats and vile lyrics. The persons behind the mastery of Gorgos are vocalist, Matt Taylor, Ed Ortiz on guitar and vocals as well, also on guitar is Dillon O’Claray. Joshua Sanchez plays bass and Luke Daddario pounds the drums.

“Oppressor Terror,” the opening track, really wakes you up. It is totally driving and so badass you feel like you could lift a house listening to it. “Slaughterpig” has a really catchy and interesting vocal melody in the verse. This album is a must listen for anyone into gory death metal.

One enthusiastic gentleman left a review for the band on their Facebook page which sums the band up better than anyone else could, “I got so pumped listening to your new album I sliced my nutsack 8 times.” Heavy metal is a beautiful thing that inspires many, but I sincerely hope this young man got the much needed medical attention, after the record was done- of course.

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