State Of The Art: BYZANTINE!

Coming from West Virginia are the one and only Byzantine! With 7 official records they remain their golden yet underrated groovy sound that we call heavy metal. So without wasting anymore time, let’s get into it!

I could honestly easily talk about every album they have made so far but we don’t all have plenty of free time so that is why I decided to go with their 2015 record ‘To Release Is To Resolve’. It holds 8 tracks that are all very different yet all have this groovy and heavy undertone to them and that is what I feel like Byzantine is all about. They have made kick-ass music since the early 2000 and have remained to do so for over 18 years. Even though they disbanded in 2007 and reformed 5 years later they still got everything that is needed to create a heavy metal band. And that for sure showed because just 4 years later they got signed to Metal Blade Records and got all set to release ‘The Cicade Tree’. Songs such as ”God Forsaken”, ”You Sleep, We Wake” & ”Scold’s Bridal” are real bangers that continue the flow for the band. They are plenty of fish in the heavy metal sea but they have managed to set themselves apart by combining all the best elements of multiple different genres to what we now know as Byzantine. They are brutal, dark, heavy, groovy, melodic and the vocals are truly one of a kind. I highly recomment any heavy metal fan or just a metal fan to go check them out and to bang your head to them!


Chris Ojeda – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Brian Henderson – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Sean Sydnor – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Matt Bowles – Drums

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