State Of The Art: BARISHI [Album Stream]

*This is a part of our State of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state.*

This month’s state is Vermont!

Death metal lives on from Brattleboro, Vermont as BARISHI continue their way up in the metal world. Vern Davidson (vocals), Graham Brooks (guitar), Jonathon Kelley (bass), and Dylan Blake (drums) started BARISHI back in high school in 2012, pulling Vern from another local band at the time, Vaporizer, mixing elements of death metal and prog metal into what they are now (And it’s a pretty cool mix to listen to-Check it out)

The thing that immediately stands out to me is that Vern’s talents lie with harsh vocals, but the rest of the band do well to come across more softly, creating a perfect balance between the harsh and melodic, the death metal and the prog. This local band is doing pretty well so far in its six short years, having already been signed with Seasons of Mist and this year, working on what will be their fourth album! Keep on, BARISHI!

After asking what BARISHI were up to, we found out that they’re working on the fourth album and will be doing a support tour in the spring. They don’t know what the next album will be yet, but it follows their self titled album (2013), an EP entitled Endless Howl (2015), and a full length through Seasons of Mist, Blood From The Lion’s Mouth (2016). I have to give BARISHI credit, they’ve been extra busy for such a short period of time. But check them out on Youtube or Bandcamp! Give them a like and follow and next time you’re in Vermont, ~maybe this spring~ stop by and see them while they’re touring!


Don’t forget to like BARISHI while you’re here!

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