State Of The Art: Alabama’s BATTLING DELIRIUM [EP Stream]

*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state.*

This month’s state is Alabama!

Battling Delirium are a progressive metal band that blends classic rock and other genres together to create a heavy psychedelic sound. Hailing from Daphne, Alabama, Battling Delirium are sure to make the world know why Alabama is a metal state! The members consist of Andrew Overstreet (Vocals), Marshall Mears (Guitars), Jae Ross (Guitars), Bassy Mcbassface (Bass), (what a cool ass name!), Jason Baldwin (Drums). If you like powerful guitar riffs, thunderous drums, thumping bass and very compelling vocals, Battling Delirium is for you!


Battling Delirium has 3 full length studio albums and one EP. Their EP titled ‘Blue’, was released in 2014, which is also their most recent release. ‘Blue’ is so heavy, it makes an anvil feel light in comparison. The drumming on the EP will have you thinking that Jason is the groove master! Not one imperfect drum beat overall on this EP nor on their studio albums. The band has a heavy Tool influence, so while you are waiting on their new album this should fill your cravings. This is the best way to describe Battling Delirium. At times, their music is slow and trippy, other times it turns into a fast pace metal extravaganza, followed by a furious prog sound with 20-pound weights on the keyboards that turns into an ecstatic melody. These rockers show why Alabama matters in the music scene. They are one of the many bands that is keeping psychedelic metal alive. Another reason why you should check them out.

In conclusion, Battling Delirium is an underground metal band that deserves more attention and recognition than they have received. These guys have immense talent and musicianship, crafting this unbridled music they will impress you easily. Be sure and check out Battling Delirium and what they have to offer, you won’t regret it. Follow them on Facebook here.


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