SEPTIC CONGESTION Covers ”Slammed Kranial Remains” By ‘Kraanium’!

Septic Congestion recently released their cover of ”Slammed Kranial Remains” which is originally performed by the one and only Kraanium and you can watch it right below!

Besides being one of the filthiest covers of one of the best slam tracks it is also very important to know that the entire cover is dedicated to Martin Fundered who tragically died earlier this year. He used to be (to me still is) the vocalist of Kraanium which has been a very important band for the genre itself and Septic Congestion has been proven to continue forward the beauty of slam with their albums and this cover.

So guys, please watch the video above and support them below via their official facebook pages!

Septic Congestion:

Jack – Vocals
Scott – Guitar
Rufus – Guitar
Frederik – Bass
Digital – Drums



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