INTERVIEW: Julien Truchan Of BENIGHTED [Video]

BENIGHTED is what you’d need if you’re looking for total carnage and ear splitting sonic atrocity. The French deathgrind band was formed back in 1998 in Saint-Étienne, and since then the band hasn’t looked back. With over eight heavy, grinding albums under their belt BENIGHTED keeps getting more dark, more terrifying and a chaotic frenzy of meticulously carved riffs that shatters anything hindering their way. The band was formed by the vocalist and front man Julien Truchan along with ex-guitarist Oliver Gabriel, who unfortunately quit the band due to hectic touring schedule and other personal reasons this year after 19 years in the band. Despite Julien being the sole original soldier in this battle tank, it definitely doesn’t seem like the tank is running out of gas.

Their most recent release, ‘Necrobreed‘ early this year has received widespread appreciation from fans of death metal and metal in general alike. Released under French label Season Of Mist, this is their eighth studio effort, and if you ask me, it is the most strongest record in their entire two decade long catalogue. With insane explosive drumming by none other than the drum god, Romain Goulon(ex-NECROPHAGIST), frenetic and brutal riffs by axe men Fabien Desgardiens, Emmanuel Dalle and Pierre Arnoux, and Julien’s terrifying vocals, ‘Necrobreed‘ surely stands a chance in your year end album list. Don’t forget to get the album and their merch HERE!

BENIGHTED are currently navigating the length and breadth of Asia playing shows across India, Dubai, Hanoi etc for their Necrobreed Asian Tour. So last week when the French quintet headlined one of their shows in India in Guwahati, we got hold of Julien Truchan for a short interview. I certainly had a great time talking to Julien as we waded through a lot of topics like the French metal scene, their new album ‘Necrobreed‘, the concept behind it and how the inspiration for it came about. Julien also mentioned that Roman Goulon, who did the skinwork for this album is no more in the band as he has “permanently quit” the band. Julien gives an insight on how he came about the theme of this album. He says, most of his work is inspired from his professional career, from the cases he sees as a nurse in hospital. He continues that the new album is about a “Schizophrenic person whose delirium would be about an extra abdominal pregnancy“.

Check out the interview below as we talk a lot more about different stuff, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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