Roni’s Review of Old Scratch’s “Feral”

***** Review by Roni *****

Old Scratch is:

Jeff Worley – Guitar/Vocals

Nick Sheppard – Drums

Rahsaan Lacey – Bass

Lyrics & Music by Jeff Worley

There’s something exhilarating about listening to new music that just grabs you and has you jamming within moments. Fun, fast paced and high energy all describe the debut album Feral by Old Scratch. Guitarist Jeff Worley was the last man standing in Charlotte, NC with the previous version of Old Scratch and it’s rebirth began in January of 2016 as he along with Nick Sheppard on drums and Rahsaan Lacey on bass played their first gig together. I, for one, am grateful that they did so, because just over a year later…I’m getting whiplash from banging my head so hard to their debut album.

Regardless of the opening track being titled, “Womanizer”, I hit play fully expecting some trite clichés. Instead—Holy bat****….they aren’t pulling any punches from the get go and drop the anvil down, immediately. The instrumental section of this song kicks so hard that despite the lyrics, I’m captured and enthralled wanting more. “Black Skies (Hell’s Gates)” changes the feel and highlights Rahsaan’s talent at exchanging rhythms’ with Nick and Jeff plays old school style metal riffs.

Southern Rock meets Thrash and swaggers us into “Ghosts”. “Bones of Saints” has the feel of Black Sabbath sprinkled with Metallica and Anthrax. Not only is this album fun and includes several catchy lyrics; there are complexities and variations in tempo and instrumental sections that will have you head bobbing and saying, “hell yeah”!

I couldn’t pick a favorite, so I went with a trifecta. My winning ticket includes “Ashes of Eternity”, “Witchlust” and “Heart of Stone”. “Ashes” thrashes and throws us around with its ear candy and speed, while “Witchlust” lasts 8 minutes and encompasses everything about this album. Starting out [and ending] with early Black Sabbath sounds, it quickly becomes catchy and rhythmic and includes an instrumental section that allows this trio to show off their skills. Rahsaan leads us into “Heart of Stone” and embodies the attitude of all things we love about metal in general and you won’t be disappointed in the instrumental section either.

Overall, this album brings newness to some very classic sounds that have grown up with Metal and you should expect to head bang with these three talented guys. The energy has been the perfect addition to my morning coffee; making my drive into work an espresso, as I’ve been playing every air instrument along with them. I’m sure that has been a sight to see when I’m at a red light!


By Old Scratch

Released November 2016



Black Skies (Hell’s Gates)”


Bones of Saints

Ashes of Eternity

Down the Road


Heart of Stone

Blood on the Face of the Lamb

More on Old Scratch can be found on Facebook Bandcamp

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