Review: WARBRINGER – ‘Woe to the Vanquished’ [Song Stream]

This week in metal, highly praised thrash band Warbringer released their fifth full length album, ‘Woe to the Vanquished’. This was the quintet’s first release not on Century Media Records, instead they partnered with Napalm Records. This record debuts two new members (Jessie Sanchez on bass and Chase Becker on guitar) and it is the first Warbringer album without founding member John Laux. The 8 tracks leave no room for filler and kick your ass throughout the duration. You can buy ‘Woe to the Vanquished’ here.

The 41 minute magnus opus launches you out of the catapult with the ferocious opening riff “Silhouttes”. The band takes a darker instrumental tone while still blasting through the music. Kevill has become my favorite thrash metal vocalist with a modulating sound that will command crowds to lose their minds. Title track “Woe to the Vanquished” leaves you decimated with lyrics of pillaging and taking a country’s land and people. The blast beats in this song over the guitar solos from Chase Becker and Adam Carroll create a headbanging epic that should be a live staple for years to come. “Remain Violent” is a politically fueled anthem about the over-policing of our cities. It sends a strong message along with plenty of heavy bridges to make your head swirl. “Shellfire” was the second single released for ‘Woe To The Vanquished’. The blood curdling scream commences the song establishing total authority to annihilate anything in its path. An epic “Incoming!” shout leads to a stupendously heavy breakdown before connecting into maniacal pairs of guitar solos. The second half of the album gets the ball rolling with “Descending Blade”. Carlos Cruz brings forth one of his best performances yet as he rolls through the album nailing every beat. “Spectral Asylum” has a progressive-like intro and is different from the typical thrash sounds the band creates. There is more atmosphere and urgency in the song with very gloomy lyrics. “Divinity of Flesh” has a black metal like intro before picking up to an ungodly pace in the chorus. It is an incredible tune about leaving a legacy behind after fighting for your purpose. To close out the album, we have Warbringer‘s longest song ever written in “When the Guns Fell Silent”. It clocks in at over 11 minutes and is split into 5 parts. The first part of it is spoken word from Kevill before part two sings of a somber tale of soldiers dying. Part three has a wonderful bass line intro before exploding into an amazingly heavy bridge to part four. Part four’s lyrics were inspired by a poem from Gilbert Grankau titled The Voice of the Guns in one of their most progressive moments yet. Part 5 takes us home with a rather depressing ending, leaving us to absorb how great this album really was. Warbringer has produced possibly the best album of their careers and taken the next step forward in their career to push the genre in a new direction. You can stream a few songs from ‘Woe to the Vanquished’ below and also check out their European tour dates with Havok. Be sure to follow Warbringer on Facebook to stay updated with more music and tour dates.

01. Silhouettes
02. Woe to the Vanquished
03. Remain Violent
04. Shellfire
05. Descending Blade
06. Spectral Asylum
07. Divinity of Flesh
08. When the Guns Fell Silent

Warbringer is:
John Kevill – Vocals
Adam Carroll – Guitar
Carlos Cruz – Drums
Jessie Sanchez – Bass
Chase Becker – Guitar

Tour Dates w/ Havok
01.04.17 UK – Edinburgh / Heavy Scotland Fest
02.04.17 UK – Manchester / Rebellion
03.04.17 UK – Birmingham / Mama Roux’s
04.04.17 UK – London / Underworld
05.04.17 BE – Hasselt / Muziekodroom
06.04.17 NL – Tilburg / 013
07.04.17 DE – Hamburg / Logo
08.04.17 DK – Aarhus / Royal Metal Festival
09.04.17 SE – Gothenburg / Sticky Fingers
11.04.17 FI – Helsinki / Tavastia
13.04.17 SE – Stockholm / Fryshuset Klubben
14.04.17 DK – Copenhagen / Pumpehuset
15.04.17 DE – Berlin / Cassiopeia
16.04.17 DE – Markneukirchen / Framus & Warwick Concert Hall
17.04.17 DE – Munich / Feierwerk
19.04.17 AT – Vienna / Arena
20.04.17 SI – Ljubljana / Orto Bar
21.04.17 IT – Brescia / Circolo Colony
22.04.17 CH – Pratteln / Z7
23.04.17 DE – Saarbruecken / Garage
24.04.17 FR – Nantes / Ferrailleur
26.04.17 ES – Madrid / Caracol
27.04.17 ES – Barcelona / Salamandra 1
28.04.17 FR – Puget / Le Rats
29.04.17 FR – Paris / Petit Bain
30.04.17 DE – Essen / Turock

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