Review: AVERSIONS CROWN – ‘Xenocide’ [Official Video]

Aversions Crown is a death metal band from Brisbane, Australia. The 4 piece consists of vocalist Mark Poida, bassist Steve, drummer Jayden Mason, guitarists Chris Cougan and Kevin Butler. They first started out really strong with their debut album called ‘Servitude’ back in 2011. 3 years later they released their second album ‘Tyrant’. From this point on their releases come via Nuclear Blast. This has been a really big deal for the band because this is one of the top labels out there. It really stepped up their game big time. Beginning this year they released their third album ‘Xenocide’. This album features a new vocalist and he fits the band perfectly, the album theme is really important for the band so that has to show in the vocal style and I can assure you that he is doing a great job on it.



The 5th  song from the album is called ‘Erebus’ and it features all this band has to offer. Right off the bat you feel the atmosphere the band is trying to create. When the vocals kick in you get the same atmospheric feeling you got with the instruments. Almost 2 minutes into the song it gets really interesting and changes dramatically. It gives you this feeling that a dark and powerful entity walked in and is about to tell you his mind. It will leave you frightened. The second song that stood out to me is track 7.  It’s called ‘The Oracles Of  Existence’. It’s short but it’s full of power. It blows you away right from the start. The song is about a different species intruding our planet Earth. They are talking about cleansing the Earth. This song strongly hints that humanity is causing the failure of the planet and I agree. This song is for the deep thinkers among us.  The last song I’m going to talk about is the song ‘Misery’. The song title is exactly what the song is about. It’s about all the misery on the planet. It start off with a killer riff with vocals that complete the song. This song is really intense and brutal lyrically and instrumentally. In the middle of the song the instruments change and the whole vibe changes with it. It gets a quite calm, dark and emotional touch to it which is what really strengthens the song.


 The overall feeling of the album is nothing to joke about, it’s intense, heavy, atmospheric and the lyrics make you feel like you are in a different world. The album makes you believe a different species is talking to you, not just 1 but multiple. When the album introduces you to them you instantly get a feeling on how they are and how they feel. The instruments are beautiful, they move you into a different realm with different rules and views. What I like the most about the album is that it’s not just an album with a bunch of songs with lyrics, instruments and vocals. It has a strong outer space concept. So if you like death metal with a strong outer space theme then this is the album for you to pick up.

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