Review: Walking Corpse Syndrome “Human Delusion” [Video]


It’s not often you say to someone “Hey check out this brutally kick ass band from Montana.” I have been saying that about Walking Corpse Syndrome to anyone and everyone that will listen for a week. From this point forward these guys are my favorite band from Montana. The band was formed by guitarist Matthew Bile and drummer Nocktis in 2006. The guys were in a band together before and the break up of that band resulted in them going on to create this band. One thing that sets this band apart is that they use two drummers. The band is a six piece having double guitars and drums. Of course co-founder Nocktis is one of those drummers and the other is his brother Mr. Grimm. It’s rare you have two drummers, but one of the best bands to ever pull that off is none other than the legendary Melvins. Both drummers able to drum in rhythm is very difficult. Since the drummers grew up together learning drums it helps their chemistry that much more. The vocalist Leif Winterrowd helps give the band an extra boost toward legendary metal status as well. The band has been labeled as dark metal, atmospheric death metal and brutal groove and while none of those are wrong I’d honestly refer to them as New Wave of American Heavy Metal with some extra aggression. The band is about release their fourth studio album titled “Human Delusion” on September 25th.


“Human Delusion” is going to be the album that puts Walking Corpse Syndrome on the map. The 10 aggressive tracks on this full length is exactly what metal heads crave. Opening track “Angel Flesh” really gets your blood pumping with the furious guitar riffs and double drumming. The band not only offers brutality but amazing artful lyrics. “This is the death of your angel you helped kill her innocence. This is the death of your angel hold a pound of her flesh.” That is some powerful lyrics. The one constant through and through with this band is aggression, and they are able to showcase it and still have artistic creativity in their music. Vocalist Leif at times really reminds you of Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe, and that’s not a comparison I or anyone makes very often. His tone and scream is similar but Leif changes tones and pass very often. Often you will find bands that put emphasis on the instruments and other put emphasis on the vocals. This band has an amazing chemistry that you can not only hear, but also feel within the music. They also decided to add a cover of “Disciple” by SLAYER (God Hates Us All). Of course they did the song justice and I’m sure Kerry King and Tom Araya would approve. Songs on the album like “Ending Created” really showcase the abilities of the guitarists Matthew Bile and Tana Starkey. The band actually just put out a video for this song. They were already overloading one of our senses in hearing now they move on to our vision as they are taking steps for world domination with their shredtastic brand of metal. You can hear three tracks from the new album now on their band camp, but make sure to pre order a copy of the album. I am telling you now this band is going to explode and will be known by everyone soon enough, “Human Delusion” will be one of the top 50 albums released in 2015

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