Review: THY ART IS MURDER – ‘Dear Desolation’ [Official Videos]

When you are talking deathcore you are talking about Thy Art Is Murder, they have been called the deathcore kings by many and with the latest release of ‘Dear Desolation’ they proved that they are worthy their throne in the deathcore scene.

For those of you that haven’t heard about them, let me introduce you to them. They are an Australian deathcore band that have been reigning since the year 2006. Just 2 later they released their debut EP ‘Infinite Death’, besides it being brutally perfect it is also the only album that features a different vocalist. Brendan Van Ryn to be exact. He has been part of the band up until he got replaced in 2009 by Chris McMahon. Besides this EP they have released the 2010 album ‘The Adversary’ which I highly recomment you to check it out, nothing can be compared to this album. It will blow your mind. ‘Hate’ is their second and my favorite album they ever put out. It features the mega hit ”Reign Of Darkness” as well as the amazing track ”The Purest Strain Of Hate”. When those songs are included you know what is coming for you. 2015 album ‘Holy War’ marked a slight change in their style, they stayed true to their roots while changing a lot lyrically. Reading the title alone will already tell you what it is about and after hearing it will convince you to buy it at your local store. Next to releasing these pieces that have shared a split, which is called ‘The Depression Sessions”, with The Acacia Strain and the band that got me into deathcore, Fit For An Autopsy. It got out last year on the 12th of August and received some great feedback from the audience. The bands on a split can be good separate but the question is always if they have the ability to make a solid piece together and if you ask me, they totally nailed it. Now let’s get right into the brand new album!

My favorite track from the album without question is ”Puppet Master”. It even got a music video, check that out HERE. It holds the same release date as the full album, 18th of August and right from the beginning the song is begging you to bang your head. The reason why I like it so much is because it stands out from the others. The sphere is unique and the riffs are insane. You have a lot of good riffs but there is nothing as good as a riff that got that precise headbanging pace. Those riffs with the intense music video make the song one of the better ones of the killer album, really digging this style!

Talking about unique tracks, ”The Son Of Misery” is definitely one of them. It got out ,via their record label Nuclear Blast, on the 24th of July and it showcased that they aren’t afraid to change things up a little. This song is also one of the few including a guitar solo, the solo on its own is beautiful but the drumline really helps shaping it into something spectacular. The vibe is something you need to witness, do that HERE. Seconds after it got out I clicked on the video and the vibe instantly arrived from my speakers into my ears. It is completely different from what we are used to from Thy Art Is Murder but they have done such a great job at it!

”Nothing will survive”

”The Final Curtain” is one of the lighter songs of the album ‘Dear Desolation’. The track needs its time to build up but when it’s done it will show you hell, the song got a great groove to it as well as a meaning that is certainly not for the weak. Compared to the rest this song really shines on the lyric part. The build up is amazing and the ending is as emotional as it gets. Really shows their divesity as a band.

THY ART IS MURDER furiously charges once more unto the breach, clawing and spitting against the dying light and a seemingly inevitable collapse of existence. »Dear Desolation«, the Australian metal crew’s fourth and mightiest album, is a devastating blow equally against and embracing of a cataclysmic nihilism and all-out misanthropic warfare.”

”Thematically the album expands beyond vicious polemic and vehemently contrarian invective into broader storytelling, contemplative death anxiety, and meditations on mortality and morality. It’s an album of culture, environment, community; ties that bind, the panic that unwinds, and the constant, urgent primal scream.”

”If this is truly the soundtrack to the end of humanity, it’s music that should unite and empower extreme metal fans in all corners of the genre. THY ART IS MURDER skillfully ignites a crowd of 150 or 150,000.”

Besides the fact that the album is something completely new from what we are used to and the fact that they changed a lot lyrically the keep putting out quality. I have been a fan of Thy Art Is Murder for a very long time but they keep suprising me over and over again. Their divesity has grown a lot and I like how they touched more on the instrumentals instead of the vocals. While I absolutely love the vocals I also am a huge fan of the drumming from Lee Stanton. He keeps every track alive with his intense skill and passion for drumming. After being lucky enough to witness Thy Art Is Murder live I truly began to like the combination of the vocals and instruments even more. The instrumentals have always been a big part of what makes their songs as good as they are but with the record ‘Dear Desolation’ they really got to shine brighter than ever. The album is yet again phenomenal, the only thing left to do now is to buy the record. Get it right below!


Vocals – Chris McMahon
Drums – Lee Stanton
Guitar – Andy Marsh
Guitar – Sean Delander
Bass – Kevin Butler

While you are doing that support them as well!

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