Review: THUNDERBIRD – ‘S/T’ [Songs Streaming]

Coming fully loaded with heavy artillery of rock, Thunderbird is back with a brand new album. After the success of 2016’s ‘Heavyweight,’ Thunderbird has spent the last two years recording another face melting album. The band showcases Marc Lafrance on vocals, Rob Becker on bass, Kelly Stodola on drums, and Brice Tabish replacing Rod Coogan on guitars due to other commitments. The bands self-titled album, ‘Thunderbird’ is a throwback to the classic days of rock. Thunderbird will be available everywhere digitally April 25, 2019.

The album opens with the hard hitting “Lair (Fool’s Gold).” Very nice open ambient harmony leads right into some riffage. The breakdown after that with just vocals and acoustic guitar helps you imagine the story the song is telling. The production is fantastic on the song. Even though Rod Coogan had other commitments and was unable to work on the album, he is on this opening track playing a sweet guitar solo to compliment the riffing heavy track. The song that really caught my ear was “Into The Sun.” A real banger for listeners that enjoy more of a groove orientated song. Once the chorus comes there is a sweet 16th note groove that Kelly Stodola plays that keeps you dancing in your seat. The guitars are very gritty during the verses but they clean up during the choruses. Brings you back to some of the classic rock of the 80’s. The album ends with the 7 minute epic, “Vampire.” Very heavy sounding song with string section that brings a very symphony aspect to the song. The mix is really well for this track. The strings aren’t overpowering, in fact it brings the guitars out more. Close to the end of the song, it fades out but comes back with Marc Lafrance’s vocals and just the string section playing. It sounds as if you were listening to an old radio station slightly out of range with some static. It creates this overwhelming raw emotion within the song that just increases the grit of the track. Front to back the production is amazing on this album. Thunderbird have recorded an ear pleasing album and their fans are going to love it. I highly recommend you going out and grabbing this album on April 25th.



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