Review: SHIT THE COW – ‘Cavelord’ [Album Stream]

Sweden’s Shit The Cow released their first full length last December and it rips! Since 2011 they have released five EPs, ramping up to their debut album ‘Cavelord’. They describe their music as “scrapyard rock” that is “sound of an old rusty truck crashing into a tree” and I think that is true of their sound. They like to keep their songs short and tight, and that can also be said about the tracks on this new album. They have matured their sound, without cutting out any of the lean riffs. I would recommend this band and this album to someone who is looking for something like Queens of The Stone Age but with a rusty Red Fang edge to it. Robin fronts the band with guitar/vocals while Danno and Erka share the responsibility of guitar/bass. Robin gives their sound a tight rhythm to follow on drums.

This record is very aggressive, but has some memorable grooves. They keep their riffs short and fast, with only one song breaking 5 minutes. Tracks like “Burning Man” and “You Brought a Knife” show a punk influence on their speed and songwriting attitude. The first two tracks, “Resolve and Resist” and “Twist and Shout” are groovy riff-filled donuts without all the calories. This album is fun and simple. It has a lot of laid back tracks that don’t take themselves too seriously while staying sharp and heavy. Shit The Cow seems to be fitting into their own, where they were comfortable enough to have a great first record chock-full of fast and groovy tunes. It is a great first album, but there is room to grow and mature their sound. I am excited to hear from these guys in the future, I don’t believe they will disappoint. You can follow Shit The Cow below and also check out their new album in its entirety.

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