Review Of Italian Powerhouse Icy Steel: “Through The Ashes”

Icy Steel is:

StefanoIcy WarriorGaleano – Guitars and Vocals

Pietro Bianco – Guitars

FlavioAthanor F.D.H.”Fancellu – Drums

Carlo Serra – Bass


Traditional and Power Metal fans definitely have something to look forward to on September 23rd when Icy Steel releases Through the Ashes on Germany’s Pure Steel Record label September 23rd, 2016. Spanning two physical disks, thirteen songs and sitting right at an hour, Icy Steel deliver a solid album that will thrill the Metal purist while having a broad enough sound to engage and entertain the new legion of fans recognizing just how right the founders of our genre have had it for over thirty years now.


Being founded in Sassari on the Italian island of Sardinai, Icy Steel deserve a proper introduction for those that may not be familiar with the band. Founded in 2005 by Stefano Galeano as a solo guitar, multi-track experiment over sampled drums that eventually grew outward as Alessandro Oggiano entered as drummer. The next domino fell with the addition of guitarist Alberto Erected. After some further sound development, Roberto Ladinetti was included on bass. With initial members finally chosen, they needed a band name and landed on Icy Steel (epically cool, cutting edge, pure Heavy Metal). With membership in an almost constant state of flux since the band’s inception, Icy Steel has played with Labyrinth, Raven, Uriah Heep, Destruction, Vicious Rumors, Demon, Sadist, Manowar, Manilla Road, Dragonforce and many, many others over the course of the past eleven years. To date, Icy Steel has released three self-record/produced albums on the Pure Steel Records label: Icy Steel (2007), As the Gods Command (2010) and Krònothor (2012) and have been received enthusiastically by fans and critics alike; steadily sharpening their songwriting and playing skills at each step in their envelopment.

icysteel2007 asthegodscommand2010


Listening to Through the Ashes is reminiscent of classic age of British Metal, hearkening back to the sounds of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Saxon and Raven while adding their own distinctive style and feel that did not exist back in the day. Deceptively starting off with a calm, classically influenced chant overlaying the sounds of a distant storm are the spoken words of the “Last Man on the Earth”, Icy Steel immediately follow with the fastest and heaviest song on the album “Fire and Flames” showing what this Italian powerhouse really has up its sleeves. Blasting drums under heavy rhythms, screaming, duel guitar leads a la Iron Maiden, and clean, powerful vocals flow throughout. Having Italian accented English lyrics give Icy Steel an extremely distinctive and interesting flavor that I have rarely heard from contemporary bands. Very, very cool (pun intended)! From there, the more Power Metal driven “The Day Became Night” carry heavier guitars at a slower pace, showing that Icy Steel is not a one trick pony. “Ritual of the Wizard” is probably my favorite song on the first CD. The clever use of stuttered time grabs you by the neck and does not let go for the rest of the first eight songs. The final songs continue with an array of acoustic and clean guitars, 80s style Hard Rock bridges that unusual pacing that is captivating; never knowing what is around the next turn. “Today the Rain Cries” even tips its hat to Ozzy and Lita’s classic “If I Close My Eyes Foreverwith their own version of haunting intensity. Really, really bad-ass!


While Icy Steel is rooted firmly in the sounds of the NWOBHM on the first, eight song CD, the second takes a wide turn into the beautiful sound of clean electric and acoustic guitars with hard, bass driven rhythms, Fusion style drums and clean, accented lyrics. These five songs are wonderfully played, composed and not a departure from Icy Steel’s norm as they can be seen playing acoustic sets on many online media outlets. A refreshing change from the status quo of the “Metal only” mindset that has splintered that family genre in the US. I don’t like it more than the Metal section, but do like it equally as being a musical standout. Simply brilliant and a great way to finish this wonderful release.


Icy Steel bring an unusual mix of time, pacing, musical flavor and diversity that is rarely explored by musical acts of any genre, much less on the same album. Being a lover of Traditional and Power Metal, Icy Steel fill a gap in time that I still miss with a refreshing take on what they think music should convey. Through the Ashes gets a “thumbs up” from me for sure!

Tracklist for Through the Ashes:

Disc 1

Last Man on the Earth
Fire and Flames

The Day Became Night

Ritual of the Wizard

Last Thing to Destroy

And the Warriors Return

Today the Rain Cries

The Earth After Man

Disc 2

Bard’s Dream in the Silent Woodland

Ashes of Glory

Inside the Glass Place

Shaman’s Death

The Weight of Signs



More information on Icy Steel can be found at: Web  Facebook  YouTube  Pure Steel

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