Review: Let The Guilty Hang – ‘In Tongues’

Let The Guilty Hang was formed in 2005 in the deep dark hills of West Virginia. Initially the band was supposed to be a side project, but they quickly realized their potential and jam sessions turned into a full-fledged band. Daniel Johnson (formerly of Guinness Clarke’s Wine) and Matt “Beevare” Jeffrey (formerly of Lifter) formed the band. The band quickly captured the attention of Derek Maynard who joined the band almost immediately adding his electrifying abrasive vocal tone to the bands already talented roster. The band then sought after a second guitarist in an effort to create Iron Maiden like guitar styling. Joe Baer (formerly of Born For Eternity) was the man for the job. The band was then rounded out with Adam Adkins (formerly of Born For Eternity) he brought not only bass playing to the table, but his voice also, supplying the contrasting clean vocals and backup vocals throughout what has become the bands signature sound. In September of 2007, Let The Guilt Hang released their debut album ‘The Unspeakable’. Opening for bands like Byzantine, As I Lay Dying, The Haunted, All That Remains, Trivium, and August Burns Red the band had quickly made a name for themselves around the region. The band has just recently released their latest album ‘In Tongues’ which was recorded at Domicile Studio in Cross Lanes, WV and was produced by Eric Hayne (The Corinthian, Isla Sorna, Profligation).

The album opens up with the title track “In Tongues” and the band doesn’t tease you at all with their sound, they dive head first into it. The eerie opening sequence leads right into some amazing melodic vocals, then moments later we get a full on collision of harsh vocals. One of the most unique parts of the band’s sound is the two part harmonies created with the contrasting vocalists. Of course you can’t speak about this track without mentioning the riffs. Around the 4 minute mark of the track you even get an amazing little solo that just sharpens the already piercing sound they have. Moving on to the song “Disciples”. It all begins with some ferociously heavy riffs and beats. Then the melodic vocals take over this song and you can easily find yourself singing along. “Disciples” showcases the bands ability to give you the perfect amount of everything. There isn’t too much drums, guitar, bass, clean or harsh vocals. Everything is presented to you on a silver platter with the perfect portions. “Wander alone and see who comes to look for you, you’ll walk until your feet begin to bleed.” This is just some of the lyrical content that “Disciples” offers, and the lyrics are just as well thought out on the remainder of the album. Each track on ‘In Tongues’ truly delivers something for everyone. As the album comes to a close “Zero Hour” really slows things down. Cymbal crashes and guitar riffs are still prevalent but for the majority of the song the tempo takes on a slower pace. The pace slowly through the song increases and develops into this really heavy instrumental thrash meltdown. Let The Guilty Hang have turned this album into a great accomplishment. From their unique sound and perfect blend of instrumentation they have something for everyone. You have harmonies, melodic vocals and harsh screaming which is sure to please any ear that is lucky enough to consume their tunes. The West Virginia natives have mastered a sound that you won’t easily forget.

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