Review: JIBE – ‘Epic Tales of Human Nature’ [Song Stream]

After about 14 years, JIBE has finally returned to the scene to release their fourth full length record, ‘Epic Tales of Human Nature’. The band originally formed in the mid 90s and became legendary in the music scene of Dallas, Texas. Their unique alternative rock sound came from influences such as U2, Pearl Jam, and Jane’s Addiction. They had success on the radio in the southern US with hits like “I’ll Meet You Halfway” and “Yesterday’s Gone”. The band toured nearly nonstop throughout their career, hitting the road with artists like Kings of Leon, Marilyn Manson, and Jerry Cantrell. JIBE broke up in 2004 shortly after their third record ‘Uprising’ (2003). The band reunited for their first show back in September 2015 and began work on this new record the following year. ‘Epic Tales of Human Nature’ was recorded at Orb Studios in Austin, Texas and produced by Matt Noveskey. The album drops in two weeks on June 9th. Pre-order the record here.

‘Epic Tales of Human Nature’ kicks things off with a bang on “Children of the Sun”. From the start, you can tell this record was produced fantastically as each instrument really pops out with huge tones on everything. The 90s rock vibe remains with JIBE containing the happy, eerie guitar sound that the decade was remembered for. The record contains a concept so there the mood through each song is consistently changing. “The Human Condition” was one of the previously released songs on the record (you can stream it below) and has a standout video. The band is making kickass, catchy music while also trying to send a message to the public that we need to better ourselves as a human race. “Release” is very Alice In Chains-like and tears through a heavy groove. The dark tone of the record shows here as the message is that the truth might not be what we want to hear but it’s what we need to hear. JIBE continues to show that they haven’t lost a step with a beautiful piano prelude on “A Shadow In The Garden” leading into “Change”. It is one of the slower tracks on the record but has an explosive chorus with a guitar solo that will put you right in your feels. “We’ve Only Begun” was the second track released on ‘Epic Tales of Human Nature’. The blasting guitar riff at the beginning of the song sets the feeling for the song along with deep lyrics. “Best I Ever Had” features one of Joe Grah’s best vocal performances as he belts out each note and Toby Bittenbender shreds through another epic solo.  An amazing comeback album comes to a close with “Bravery”. The child choir is a nice touch to the chorus and the melodic guitar in here is gorgeous. There are only strengths in JIBE with the incredible lyrics, intriguing guitar riffs, thick bass lines, and complex drum fills. Time has not affected the band whatsoever and JIBE has returned to take the Dallas scene back by storm. Make sure to pre-order the album at the link above and check out two songs (“The Human Condition” and “We’ve  Only Begun”) below. Also be sure to follow the band on Facebook for more updates on the new album and upcoming tour dates.

JIBE is:
Joe Grah – Vocals
Toby Bittenbender – Guitar
Ben Jeffries – Drums
Corey Tatro – Bass

‘Epic Tales of Human Nature’ Track List
01. Children Of The Sun
02. Broken City
03. The Human Condition
04. Release
05. Girl On A Hill
06. A Shadow In The Garden
07. Change
08. We’ve Only Just Begun
09. Don’t Give It All Away
10. Waiting
11. Best I Ever Had
12. Sanctuary
13. Bravery

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