Review: HOSTILE ARRAY – ‘S/T’ [Official Video]

Maryland’s Hostile Array are here with their politically charged post-hardcore self-titled debut. Finding inspiration from their own political beliefs vocalist Brendan Fray explains, “I don’t consider myself to be very liberal or conservative, but I am passionate about addressing issues of corruption on both sides of aisle. Our hope is to motivate others to question the status quo and never compromise when it comes to demanding justice in our system.” Keeping their message nonpartisan, keeps a skeptic eye on both sides of the aisle.


Hostile Array comes out of the gates with blind energy, but makes sure that the message does not get lost in the aggression. The tracks are short and to the point, a staple of hardcore political punks of the past. This album addresses so many political issues and shows their talent of each member as a unit not to be messed with.

The opening track “Herd Instinct” takes an aggressive and cynical look at the group think that can occur in the current political climate; examining the rejection of independent thinking. Catchy tracks like “Wiretap” and “Migrant Myth” blend the memorable rhythm with relatable lyrics, creating new political anthems for our generation. “Devoid” and “Warmonger” examine war and the cause and effect of global conflicts with vigorous passion.

Finishing out the album with tracks like “Calloused” and “Disillusioned” are numbing and nihilism-inducing, creating an informed anger that’s inspiring. If fans of Norma Jean and Underoath are looking for sharp political music in these polarizing times, they should check out Hostile Array.

Under the current administration, I hoped the music world would react in the most punk rock way possible and I have not been disappointed. ‘Hostile Array‘ is out June 1 st and you can follow Hostile Array on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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